Before I Go To Sleep

Before I Go To Sleep

A woman wakes up every day, remembering nothing as a result of a traumatic accident in her past. One day, new terrifying truths emerge that force her to question everyone around her.

Starring Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth & Mark Strong, Before I Go To Sleep is a psychological thriller based on the worldwide best-selling novel about a woman who wakes up every day remembering nothing – the result of a traumatic accident in her past – until one day, new terrifying truths emerge that force her to question everyone around her... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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arely c (ag) wrote: it was alright i love jake he is so cute n funny

Art S (it) wrote: It's hard not to feel disappointed when excitingly high expectations are dashed. I was looking forward to the Bela Tarr film noir (taken from a Georges Simenon story) and imagining what he might do when transmogrifying this genre's materials into his own unique style. After all, his way of intensifying black and white reality with a slowly moving ever-watching camera (stationed who knows where - behind the wall?) might heighten the already tense emotions of the noir. But alas, after a stupendous opening shot that tracks and tracks, around and around, showing us the money drop, a murder, and who ends up with the loot, there isn't much left to do. Sure, the inspector arrives and the plot unfolds, slowly, slowly, slowly - so, slowly in fact that the 3 or 4 things that happen take up the entire 2 hour plus running time. It remains absorbing because of Tarr's unique style, but it isn't astonishing like Satantango or Werckmeister Harmonies. Definitely see those first.

Zachary S (nl) wrote: One of the most violent Tomies in the series, this one actually shows her "true face". The actress isn't as much pretty as she is sexy, but she doesn't look like a Tomie to me. Still she does manage to hold the character together (for the most part). The movie is by no strech of the imagination good, but it is just so much better than the others that it is scary.

Johnathon W (ca) wrote: Classic stand-up concert that remains one of the best ever performed by a master in the field. While the opening bits about drugs & partying have aged, there are still plenty of laughs (Cosby's reply to those who use drugs to enhance their personalities is classic). Once he gets into the trials of parenthood is when the truly timeless material appears, from child birth to the most perfect description of grand parents I've ever heard. A clear remember of why Bill Cosby is one of the funniest men to have ever lived.

Sanity Assassin (ca) wrote: i was impressed with king rat. forget escape. this is about survival. i've never really watched anything with george segal in before. either that or i haven't noticed him before. he makes me think of a 60's ray liotta. he was the star of the show. john mills did what was needed of him. even rigsby (leonard) from rising damp made a few appearances... one when you first see him being rather noteworthy of his career. he jumped around like a maniac. haha. much better than seance on a wet afternoon which forbes also directed

Orlok W (mx) wrote: Superb Polish tale of Exorcism--Rare Diamond!!

Laura C (es) wrote: Absolutely riveting performance by Elizabeth Taylor. The film is excellent in its exposition of a wonderfully complex woman. One of my all-time favorite characters.

John H (mx) wrote: Actually liked this film almost entirely for its genre-bending iron balls.

Aaron G (es) wrote: A solid start to this hit-or-miss franchise.

Chris R (ca) wrote: This is my favorite movie of all time. Timeless

Jason A (us) wrote: "The Dolph defends an island people from the guy from Dharma and Greg, who wants to mine the island for minerals and bat crap."That's the plot of this movie pretty much. Lundgren plays Nick Gunner, a mercenary who is hired to go to a island somewhere in Southeast Asia to get them to let the evil corporation owned by the Dharma and Greg guy and his partner. Along the way, Gunner assembles a crack team of commandos, including Zeus (No Holds Barred) and Catherine Bell. It's the same plot you've pretty much seen Dolph do quite a few times before: Trained killer is hired to do job to subjugate an innocent person or people; along the way, trained killer meets LBFM and has a change of heart. It's up to trained killer to protect the person/people/nation/island from those trying to exploit it. It's a formula I think Dolph knows works pretty well.This is pretty good B movie crap. The Dolph is a noble mercenary, willing to do anything for his crew. He tangles with this wannabe Vernon Wells guy, who acts and talks just like Bennett from Commando. The same kind of homosexual overtones that existed in that baddie return here as well more blatantly (the baddie in this likes to kiss other men a lot). The co stars are also cool: Zeus is here, Catherine Bell (J.A.G.) as well. The guy from Dharma and Greg, of course. Charlotte Lewis brought her nice boobies to the table, and gets down with Dolph in a waterfall. I thought it was awesome to see Kevin Tighe, who played Frank Tihlman from Roadhouse, in this. This is the second movie I've seen that indirectly associates Dolph with Roadhouse. Special mention goes to the guy who played Po (BD Wong), who was very funny. Overall, it's heavier on drama than action, but the whole thing is tinted with some welcome humor.Recommended.

Marley L (es) wrote: Not as thrilling as one would have hoped

Johannes J (mx) wrote: Above average thriller.