Before I Wake

Before I Wake

About an orphaned child whose dreams - and nightmares - manifest physically as he sleeps.

After Jessie and Mark lose their son, they decide to become foster parents to an eight-year-old boy named Cody. When the boy moves in, they realize Cody's dreams and nightmares physically manifest while he sleeps. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ken k (br) wrote: Eye candy at it's most effective beauty but with a bit more effort on the back stories this could have been a 21st century "Woodstock"! I am very surprised the producers could not see more story line in the folks chosen whose eyes we see the event through. Good choices but not long enough line to catch the BIG FISH here. Still worth the price of admission to see this amazing event on Blu Ray. 3D would have really topped it off!

Alex C (ag) wrote: Straightforward and predictable, with above-average production values for the usual straight-to-video fare. The first half is similar to Aliens, but later has more in common with PKD's short story "Second Variety" and presumably the original Screamers, which I haven't seen. I highly reccomend anyone who enjoyed this movie to read the source material, which is, in my opinion, one of Philip K. Dick's most accessible stories to readers unfamilar with his work. And while we're on the subject, if you don't know who Philip K. Dick is but have seen the movie Blade Runner, please jump off a tall building. kthxbye.

Patrick F (kr) wrote: One of my favorite movies. FTW

xionel l (nl) wrote: two hours of Paul Walker shirtless can disguise sloppy writing pretty well I must say

Private U (it) wrote: Lengthy, but worth it.

Michael J (au) wrote: You know, it was wacky enough to make me laugh. You know the movie you would have felt cheated to pay eight bucks at the theater, but you crack up at it on your couch at home? Well, I'm glad I was at home. The most amazing thing about this movie is the cast of well-known stars that appears in it! Doc from Back to the Future PLUS Vizzini from Princess Bride PLUS Madison from Splash PLUS the chick from Austin Powers PLUS... wait, am I showing my age here? Plus, the REAL Uncle Martin has a cameo role (or is it?)

Abel S (de) wrote: Si crees que alguien que se roba los calzones de la vecina es un pervertido, tienes que ver a la gente que sale en esta pelcula...

Bob B (kr) wrote: A must see for all mullet aficionados. "I'm claustrophobic to begin with -- like, baaad claustrophobic."

Michael C (br) wrote: Could've been original, especially give its time frame. Instead it feels forced and contrived, as if it were made by a bunch of 50 year old white corporate execs. Then there are things that make no sense at all - why do bullets ricochet off sand and wood? Ice T plays a dog like creature - which is humorous as he comes off as a gang thug dressed up in a dog suit. Could've been a hot movie, instead, it's just a hot mess.

Frank T (fr) wrote: Never saw The Exorcist as I boycotted Hollywood ages ago. Happened to open Italian TV this am and saw Carla Gravina during the last 2/3 of the movie. Carla moved well, though too much yukky sauce out of her mouth. Miraculous effects overdone. Too bad could not understand most of the lingo. Photography poor at times. Scary at times, but funny most of the time. Wonder what the original Exorcist was like. Probably same weak human imagination. Frank.

Aimee C (ca) wrote: Numbing. Visconti's worst film.

Leonardo Malacay S (kr) wrote: Jodorowsky es todo un personaje, por lo que he visto sus pelculas son para unos cuantos iniciados en su particular visin del mundo, otros intentamos comprenderlas desde nuestras formas de ver el mundo y otros (la mayora) solo se "asombran" y "maravillan" ante su cine visceral.En esta pelcula encuentro reflejada las relaciones humanas, la codependencia, no recomendara verla pero es interesante si te topas con ella.

Mark H (fr) wrote: Why can't I give minus Stars? A lacklustre of a movie. A disappointment to comic fans. A disappointment to movie fans. This was just garbage and that's being too nice. Bryan singer has well and truly lost it with this. A short brief story which is about as gripping as paint dry, with cringe worthy performance from the likes of holt, Lawrence and mcavoy. Do not waste your time or money on this steaming pile of Hollywood excretion