Before My Heart Falls

Before My Heart Falls

Sarah is part of a strange, marginal ménage à trois with her contemporary Louis and the older Ji-Guy, she fills her days with petty crime. During the day she hangs around with Louis by motorways, where she deceives and robs innocent people offering a lift. One day things go wrong: a driver dies during a robbery attempt. Sarah can’t stop thinking about the dead man and goes looking for the wife he left behind. In her, she finally finds something of the security and friendship she had unconsciously been seeking for so long. But her alternative family doesn’t just let her go.

A girl (16) regularly fakes distress along the highway so she can rob good Samaritans who pick her up. One day, a man dies by mistake by her side. A fragile friendship will then slowly develop between her and the unsuspecting widowed wife. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eli M (ag) wrote: a great director at his finest form!

Ronald P (kr) wrote: I loved this movie. It was real and gritty. It showed the various darks lives of people who lived in the rough sides of town and involved around the drug crack. I love it everytime. I see it. I've even shown it to friends who say they've loved it too. :)

Caleb C (br) wrote: watched part of it but will have to watch the rest. too many awkward thing to watch with the parents present in the room

Deede B (es) wrote: Charming. Lovely. I really like both Diane Lane and John Cusack. They are always so real in every part they play. This movie is not big and exciting. It is small and full of great dialogue and mostly about people's relationships. One of my favorites for re-watching.

Nathan M (mx) wrote: Words cannot describe how much of the novel is lost in this film. Granted it is one of my favorite books but I beleive this movie would suck even if you aren't familiar with Fante

Paul M (ca) wrote: Very underrated film. Not for everyone, but worth a try if you have Netflix instant streaming.

Bruce O (au) wrote: liked watching and trying to figure out what in the world is going on. The dvd had both original and us versions which are different ant don't make any sense. Beautifully done.

Lauren G (kr) wrote: remember seeing the trailer for this piece of unmenagated crap and although i've never seen this movie in its entiry, while watching the trailer, i said to myself "WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CRAP"?! can see why people who saw this shit fest say it sucks. don't bother and waste your time with this flick.

Joey F (mx) wrote: Another movie that shaped how I view stories. This is an example of a simple, creative premise executed perfectly. Not only that, it's executed with purpose and theme in mind. I think the one thing they could have done to completely ruin this movie is explain why he's looping the same day over and over, but they never do it. I read somewhere that in the first draft he was going to be cursed by a witch in order to start the cycle, and that would have completely ruined this movie. It doesn't matter what's causing his to loop, so the movie doesn't address it. I think that's brilliant.

Elissa S (ag) wrote: I loved the soundtrack 20 years before I saw the movie! One of my dad's favs, it was instantly one of mine! Beautiful.

Roy C (de) wrote: False motherhood can't replace Christmas.

Frenchie R (de) wrote: One of the worst movies ever made. The acting is deliberately bad.