Before Winter Comes

Before Winter Comes

Comedy set in a refugee camp in occupied Austria after World War II. A shrewd multi-lingual interpreter who mediates between Russian and British military brass enters into a friendly rivalry with British Major Giles Burnside, who is in charge of assigning the displaced persons into either the American or Russian zones.

Comedy set in a refugee camp in occupied Austria after World War II. A shrewd multi-lingual interpreter who mediates between Russian and British military brass enters into a friendly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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August C (au) wrote: Relatively funny and Mcfarlane does a good job leading with his sarcastic comedy nuances.

Baileigh S (ca) wrote: please let me see it soon...:-(

Paul S (jp) wrote: Nearly the worst film I have ever seen 116 mins of my life I will never get back. Bad Acting, Bad Storyline and it wasn't cut very well and the end made me laugh as it ended abruptly and just didn't make sense.

Alex H (br) wrote: Off the chain in serious ways. The third act is one of the most transcendent I've ever experienced. We are lucky to have Ki-duk Kim, because he is a wizard and easily among the best parable weavers to ever work in cinema.

Brandon E (mx) wrote: What the Fuck!!!! is the phrase that is constantly uttered throughout this film. This is that type of film that celebrates the worst in cinema. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter seems like a student film gone terribly wrong. This film is genreless or probably full of every genre in the category of movies. Its an action,horror, comedy,thriller, sci fi, and a musical for like 3 minutes. Its a convoluted mess, the editing, acting, and effects suck. So why did i give it 5 stars. Well probably being one of the chosen few to view this film out of probably 12, its the epitome of a good "bad film". Its that type of film where you get your friends, some beer and just enjoy the crap that has been presented in front of you. I love the humor in this film, there are times when you'll question if the film is taking itself seriously. This is the type of movie that is so horrible, and off the wall that you have to see the whole movie to see which turn it will take next. This movie gets 5 stars becuase its so damn bad.

Caleb C (ca) wrote: I love Liza. Enough said.

David J (us) wrote: Shall I compose a sonnet to express my love for thee? No, but I will say this: While "Shakespeare in Love" is historically-inaccurate (more-so than I would have wished) and is most definitely "Oscar-bait," it's also an expertly-crafted, expertly-performed film that will captivate fans of film and fans of the theatre alike.

Janie (gb) wrote: check out craig sheffer in this movie

George S (de) wrote: A funny and well acted movie that shows the genius side of the 80's.

Eduardo G (mx) wrote: Um retrato notorio sobre a vida na cidade grande. Contendo detalhes comicos sobre a rotina,a visao cheia de ironia e compexidade. Gould esta formidavel como um homem tao conformado que nao apresenta sentimentos e emocoes. Arkin faz otimo trabalho como diretor com cortes e sequencias comicas como os monologos cheios de movimento. Embora pareca demasiadamente caricatural e chocante em alguns pontos,uma vez que conhecemos as instigantes personalidades,nao temos como recuar. A consequencia eletrizante.

Jarett B (us) wrote: Highly disappointed, but I cannot bring myself to give it anything less than a 7 because it has satisfied my Spaghetti craving for now... Van Cleef is as mean looking as ever (seriously, the man could break concrete just by looking at it!), but has a heart of gold in "Gundown." Milian seems to be a detestable villain and than turns out to be a family man... then both men, once enemies, ride into the sunset? Oh, Sergio! What hast thou done? This film proves that he is indeed the 'third Sergio', behind Leone and Corbucci.

Lee A (it) wrote: Good movie. Vibrant colors throughout and a good message of being true to yourself and not letting others' opinions affect you too much.

Dave J (gb) wrote: Tuesday, August 24, 2010(1982) First BloodACTION A returned war veteran comes to a small town only to find out that he's unwelcomed to settle down there motivating him to creating major hostility and then havoc!The perfect role for Stallone since he doesn't look or sound too smart to carry on an intelligent conversation at any given time, so the best roles for him to have are the typical outcast with miniscule dialogue. This havoc between John Rambo going against the town was only an excuse to showacase some realistic action sequences that have to be seen to be believed. One stunt in particular has John Rambo jumping off a cliff landing onto some trees. Another is the chase scene between car and motorcycle which I've read or seen somewhere that the stunt driver had twisted his arm while driving but still managed to finish the stunt regardless! And the unecessary ramblings he was talking at the end solidified his character one would not easily forget- setting up the bar for the second installment!4/4

erika r (ag) wrote: not even chris pine singing (the whole reason i rented this movie in the first place) could redeem this movie's narrative from being all over the place.

Joe B (au) wrote: Best villain out of all 4 of the Reeve films, but seriously a human woman can be in space untouchable... Rlly Warner bros... Rlly... What the heck DC! Best villain but this movie sucks hard (2/5)

Greg B (us) wrote: Viewed 16 September 2008