Beginning of the End

Beginning of the End

An attractive reporter investigating the mysterious destruction of an Illinois town stumbles upon a secret government laboratory conducting radiation experiments on vegetables. The lead scientist is eager to help find out what happened. Together they discover that giant grasshoppers are behind the devastation. Worse yet, thousands of them are headed toward Chicago! Can they be stopped... or is this the BEGINNING OF THE END?

Audrey Ames, an enterprising journalist, tries to get the scoop on giant grasshoppers accidentally created at the Illinois State experimental farm. She endeavors to save Chicago, despite a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve S (kr) wrote: A very bad attempt at making a stylish and hip thriller. It is just annoying in its ineptness.

Kristin R (au) wrote: There was absolutely nothing special about this movie, with the exception of an extremely brave young girl, who did not let her situation get the better of her. She is a remarkable person. Otherwise, I was slightly bored the whole way through.

Craig S (kr) wrote: Quality insight, quality documentary.

Michael D (mx) wrote: Pretty interesting film about aliens. It is not typical in anyway, which is good, but it can't seem to make up its mind about what it is actually trying to say.

Daniel H (ca) wrote: Decent flick, the best film adaptation of the original novel, imho.

Melinda H (gb) wrote: Hil-freaking-larious! Cosby in what I think is his best movie. Wonderful cast, performances and direction plus a really fun plot.

Alexander B (mx) wrote: I've always had a soft spot for melodramas, especially those directed by Douglas Sirk. "From the Terrace" has its faults, but Newman is great as the business obsessed Alfred, Joanne Woodard is ice cold, and Ina Balin is simply mesmerizing!

Chelsea W (de) wrote: i really liked this! good cast, good music...and robert downey jr in his underwear!

Brett A (gb) wrote: Not sure why the terrible ratings - I actually thought it was quite good.

Kevin R (mx) wrote: Discourage him.James Shannon is a reconnaissance agent that is captured and tortured for information. He eventually escapes and returns home a hero of sorts. Once home, he starts putting the pieces together to go back and obtain revenge for those who tortured him."Who is that guy?""Woody Woodpecker."John Irvin, director of Raw Deal, Hamburger Hill, Robin Hood (1991), The Fourth Angel, Shiner, The Nearly Man, Widow's Peak, and Freefall, delivers The Dogs of War. The storyline for this picture is very straightforward and reminded me of a Chuck Norris picture. The acting was just okay and the cast includes Christopher Walken, Tom Berenger, Ed O'Neill, Paul Freeman, and JoBeth Williams."What did you do?""Bad judgment."I came across this on HBOGO and decided to give it a shot. This was a very average action picture that doesn't do enough to separate itself in the genre. Overall, I wouldn't go too out of my way to see this."In my jungle you'd be just another asshole."Grade: C

Bill Y (fr) wrote: This is not a good movie and it's not Dwayne Johnson's fault. The supporting cast is not that good, the climax to the movie is rushed and the credits seem to get longer time then some scenes of the movie.