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Begunah torrent reviews

Carlos G (jp) wrote: Just an adorable movie!

Alex L (nl) wrote: I could write a full review on why this film is great. Though, why? I don't get paid to do so. Let's just say this film is sick fun! Take it at face value, you won't appreciate it. Take it at what kind of throwback it's attempting to accomplish and you'll have one hell of a fun ride. Grindhouse cinema at its best!

Nathan C (jp) wrote: Adam Sandler Playing The Monkey sounds like he has his annoying voice on!Kevin James Acting Stupid in a wildlife is worse than becoming a cop in a mall!But I think Becoming a Cop In a Mall is a Good Idea from James.This Movie is a piece of Animal Shit!Score: 1.5/10

Matt R (ca) wrote: Mommy! The crappy CG animation is scaring me! Ah! They used that shot before... *sob*

Kyle L (de) wrote: Okay... This is better than Taken 2 and Taken 3, but that doesn't mean anything. The beginning was very thrilling and I could not take my eyes off the screen. But then it gradually started to feel very cliched and the typical Liam Neeson movie. The ending didn't quite make sense to me. Everything felt weird and I thought if they had changed the ending to just saying he really was Martin Harris and that he was just a normal person whose identity got taken, it would have been much better. That being said the action was very good, though it there were like only 5 fight scenes, and Liam Neeson is very good in this film. If you haven't seen the trailer, GOOD, cause it might spoil some details. Overall Non-Stop is a lot better and actually MADE SENSE

Kati C (ru) wrote: Has to be one of the worst movies I have EVER seen.. can't believe I picked it, lol. If you like fart-poo jokes and naked women with silicon boobs, this is the movie for you

Doctor S (es) wrote: Potty as well as preposterous. Well, what would *you* call a movie featuring amnesia, past lives, regressive hypnosis, fake accents, reincarnated souls, and a murderous manifestation of karma? Doesn't help that both Thompson and especially Branagh hopelessly overact while fighting with their American pronunciation. This is a very rare case where the plot twists work pretty well but it's the rest of the screenplay that stinks.

Michael K (jp) wrote: Old-fashioned gangster morality play spoof has some good laughs. "You shouldn't shoot me Johnny, my grandmother shot me once.....ONCE."

Lucas M (es) wrote: Boring and not so funny.

Andrew M (br) wrote: For the first act, Rocky III is a complete and utter mess. The quiet, character-based storytelling that made the first two films so sublime is shoved to the side as the film finds itself mirroring its title character: that is, glitzy and on top of the world. Rocky as a character loses the charm that makes him such a loveable and relatable character, at least temporarily, as he goes full-on superstar, entering a charity boxing fight with a cringe-inducing appearance from Hulk Hogan and other similarly over-the-top events. We're introduced to who will be Rocky's latest opponent, the punchy Clubber Lang. Played in an introductory role by Mr. T, Lang as a character is given little more to do than constantly shout at Balboa, mostly in ways that just feel goofy rather than intimidating.Fortunately, as Rocky loses his "eye of the tiger", the film slows down and turns into the quiet sports drama you expect from the franchise, and that's the saving grace here. It's particularly nice to see the film take the angle it does, looking at a Rocky who essentially has no more room to climb. Whereas the first two films posed him as the underdog looking upwards, now he's in a dethroned champion role, a bit like the Apollo Creed character from the previous film. Characters are all given something to do and have a role to play in how the rest of the story progresses. Rocky faces something he has not yet faced in his career, especially after the mid-film twist: fear. Apollo Creed returns to the scene as a mentor figure to Rocky, teaching him all of his secrets and helping him find the passion that he's lost. Adrian has a big emotional monologue, seemingly having enough to being the reserved figure the films have previously established her as. The rest of the film plays out expectedly beautifully, culminating in yet another bout that, whether you like it or not, leaves you feeling great as Bill Conti's "Gonna Fly Now" blares once more. If you can make it through that messy first act, Rocky III is another satisfying entry in the beloved franchise.

Jeff Z (de) wrote: The description of this film is wrong. Mitchum is not a father in this film. His real life son James (who looks just like him) plays his BROTHER. Elvis was offered the role but reportedly the Colonel nixed it in favor of another stupid role in a formula picture. This has good action, Robert Mitchum, fast cars and some cool black and white cinematography.

Nick W (ca) wrote: Totally hillarious especially the part with the big fat naked guy I came in like a wrecking ball. I do not know why rotten tomatoes gave it an 18.

Deke P (gb) wrote: Saw on TV 2017, late nite.Love Rita Hayworth, WOW! And, a young, actuallly slim & handsome Orson Welles. A film noir, with some twists. Can be difficult to follow if not paying attention. And lots on sailboats and islands !! Love that. And lots 1940s San Francisco!And so many twists!