Begynnelsen på en historie

Begynnelsen på en historie


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Robin v (fr) wrote: the various facets to our culture that have created the climate of inequality are amazing, even though we've come long way, baby. excellent credible speakers, men and women, explain how we got where we are, and how we can challenge the status quo. "hallelujah sister, whatever gets you through!"

Sri N (ru) wrote: I was completely surprised to see the director who had been a trendsetter by making Chennai 28 & Saroja has given such pointless story less movie! you cant keep going with repeated dialogues & punches by premji for a longer time, its boring. 1st half was ok with few good laughs, 2nd half made me restless, it was pathetic. I wanted to mention this particular aspect in the movie, where sampath & aravind are potrayed as gay couple, its quite bold in tamil cinema, but that too was over the top after that unnecessary valiba vaa song & few scenes along the aspect. You cant repeat 4 supposed called Love stories back to back with a song for each love, it was really too much. Finally Mr.Venkat, i m totally disappointed as your fan to see such unenjoyable movie, looking forward to see good strong storyline & real funny scenes movie, for heaven sake pls dont potray Premji as a main hero ever again, he is fine to comedy role not main like this one!

Alexander Z (mx) wrote: This is just bad. Misses the mark on almost every count.

John M (es) wrote: Wow a decent thriller with a dark slick murder mystery. If i say anything else it could give away the whole mystery. So instead I will just say watch this one.

Arthur N (fr) wrote: Sensational, soothing.

Bloodmarsh K (ag) wrote: It's a slightly better 'Marvins Room,' dominated by Streep and Hurt.

Psymonetta I (mx) wrote: Worth seeing just for the David Lynch segment.

Curtis M (gb) wrote: An exceptional film. Deep on a level that goes beyond the constant abrading of a young assistant to a big time Hollywood exec. This film has an underlying message of the motives for people's behavior, the cause for persons actions, the symptoms of a degenerating generation and a disconnected leading class. The lines between was us fair and deserved are clearly drawn. The film will quickly call you out on your initial stance.

Tom B (kr) wrote: Final chapter in Rohmer's Six Moral Tales, a work that originated as a novel. While Rohmer states in interview that his tales are not advancing a morale, this film above all seems to settle on a concluding moral stance that might apply to all, and in this respect the conservative values of religious orthodoxy may be in evidence. This film is not so much about the questions, perhaps, as the answer. Perhaps, I say, because in all my viewings thus far it's taken two viewings to spot nuances. This is the one film I had not seen. It is the concluding thesis of a novel to be sure, and the previous films clearly chapters in the ego development of a man's relationship to his desires for women. In this our happily married protagonist is nevertheless obsessed with desiring the countless beauties of Paris 1972. We see in a single sequence all the previous women in the Moral Tales paraded as archetypes. Then he meets an old friend from the past, Chloe, who presents a deeply predatory and unbalanced challenge to Frederick's idylls. The problem I had here is that Rohmer seems to be stacking the deck. The male here is a dunderhead (I'm beginning to think his use of deliberately obtuse men is a convenience) whereas the female is razor-sharp. The outcome, that she will lead him into temptation and potential disaster that seems averted by "the right moral choice", is telegraphed early on in a way that is not so obvious in the other films. That said, the light touch and sensitive dialogue is evident, and the city scenes of crowded 1972 Paris streets in glorious natural light and color are great. As a summary, the conviction of the film is not as happily unsettling as the other finely observed films. But I reserve final say for a later viewing. After all, the thesis here is not much different than that of Sunrise, and in Sunrise we see a glorious evocation of love and fidelity, and the sanctified Christian promise of marriage. For some reason the straightforward simplicity of Sunrise, with it's open emotions and contrasting country and cityscapes, leaves me filled. Chloe seems almost too pat, too refined an answer to the questions raised by the nuanced and wry observations of the five previous films. In a way I'm delighted to finally have something with which to quibble about when it comes to Rohmer. A great series by a great filmmaker.

Rick Q (nl) wrote: "every girl should be married" isn't brilliant comedy, but it's entertaining all through out. cary grant plays the same character he usually plays, and as usual, he's really funny. but it's betsy drake who steals the show with her charming and hilarious delivery, and the fact that she's very believable when her character is at her craziest.

Byron B (es) wrote: want to see this because it was nominated for best picture at the oscars and by NBR