In Rio de Janeiro, over many days, the director Maria Ramos witnesses and films the judgment of several teenagers accused of stealing, trafficking and murdering. Underage youths are protected by the Brazilian laws and their faces can not be exposed; therefore, they are replaced by teenagers from poor communities.

In Rio de Janeiro, over many days, the director Maria Ramos witnesses and films the judgment of several teenagers accused of stealing, trafficking and murdering. Underage youths are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Grant S (mx) wrote: Dory is a forgetful young fish. She was separated from her parents as a child and now she is out to find them. Through the help of a diverse bunch of friends, including a 7-tentacled octopus named Hank, she sets off to find them.Sweet, fun movie, made as a sequel (or prequel) to Finding Nemo. Has many of the same qualities as Finding Nemo - good family fun, some great comedic moments and wonderful animation - incredibly vivid colours and seamless movement. Once again, the voice casting is spot-on and goes a long way to making the movie as good as it is.Not quite as good as Finding Nemo though. The sentimentality in Finding Dory was laid on a bit thick and feels empty and manipulative at times. Finding Nemo felt more subtle and genuine in that regard.

Brandon T (es) wrote: Very poorly acted, directed, and edited.

Adam W (gb) wrote: A very informative documentary about how corporate interests have been taking over the legal system to make sure individual lawsuits do not get proper compensation. Definitely worth a watch, very interesting stuff.

Harry W (au) wrote: Domino is clearly a passionate piece for director Tony Scott as he was real-life friends with the late Domino Harvey and really wants to make her shine as a character on screen. Despite Domino being clunky, I found it to be enjoyable overall. The main reason was the charismatic actress in the titular role. Keira Knightly aspires with confidence in the role as Domino Harvey, packing a violent punch and rocking the sex appeal at the same time, though only to a certain extent so that she is no lesser as a strong character. She really plays herself off as a badass to fit the profile of Domino Harvey in Domino, and it proves to be the greatest attribute of Domino that surely must pay tribute to such an interesting figure. One reason it's great is because Keira Knightly understands Domino Harvey in the sense that she uses her body as a tool to get what she wants, careless to how people will look at her or judge her for it. If she didn't rock the sex appeal so awesomely she would barely be recognisable as a woman as opposed to simply a person, and a bounty hunter. It's really against type for her to be in the role, but she kicks a some major ass to do it.And Tony Scott's direction is energetic. The fast paced and jumpy style of Domino may throw some viewers off, but others should enjoy it. It can be interpreted as being symbolic of the lifestyle of a model turned bounty hunter like Domino Harvey, and although it may be too swift for certain viewers, I personally found it stylish and enjoyable. It was kind of trippy too, which was cool. And the action is good. Although not the main focus, it's stylish and well timed with great sound effects and it packs a good punch.Lastly, Domino does feature a good cast to back Keira Knightly up.Although its mainly her that rides the strongest performance of the film, Mickey Rourke provides a good supporting performance in a routine good role for him to work with.Edgar Ramirez and Lucy Liu were also good, as were Jacqueline Bisset, Mena Suvari and Christopher Walken. Of course, Domino isn't amazing.It has an interesting story about a model turned bounty hunter but doesn't tell it that well, although admittedly it was only loosely based on Domino Harvey's life. Still, the focus is never really on the story or on her. The focus is essentially scattered and attempt to capture all of the characters, including its various supporting characters without attempting to find any source of real focus. That, combined with the fast jumping pace of the film causes Domino to emanate a sense of directionless movement in the story, when the appropriate direction to follow would be the story of a model turned bounty hunter as a primary source of focus. Domino fails to achieve this.Also, amidst all the jumping and lack of focus is some poor lighting, rendering many of the brief scenes to be memorable for only consisting of vague flashes of light on people's faces and the walls of buildings, boasting now real physical qualities worth focusing on. And all this results in an inability for Domino to hold any thrills or intensity whatsoever, resulting in the dramatics of Domino Harvey's life being dumbed down to a simple comic strip, which really isn't beneficial.Overall, Domino doesn't equate to Tony Scott's best work, but his direction and Keira Knightly's performance make a good duo which helps move through the scattered and directionless story.

William M (ru) wrote: A good remake that keeps the spirit of the original (and just about everything else too) good for quick laugh or two, the original however was much better.

Matthew E (gb) wrote: A very interesting & thought provoking documentary about a father & son accused of child abuse.

Nicole F (mx) wrote: This documentary was amazing. i loved it. I still remember it like it was yesterday and I saw it more than 5 years ago.

Rebekah P (ag) wrote: What is even the point of this movie?

Alexandre D (es) wrote: L'Unification des sept grands - Royaumes combattants - par le roi de Qin, c'est-a-dire le - royaume du milieu -, apres des siecles de guerre depuis les - Printemps et automnes -... Belle facture, bons developpements (inegaux a certaines mooments), Gong Li magnificente, realisme etonnant et astucieux du legendaire, en depit des libertes dramatiques de la fiction et venant de la Chine.

Shantel D (us) wrote: It has that 80's charm... love it.

Sorin H (ca) wrote: La movida! Funny but twisted. The appearance of Almodvar in the role of a travestite rock-star is also very amusing. Had to see it in order to have the full picture.

Aneesh R (de) wrote: there are different kinds guess...hmm.

Jose M (ag) wrote: funny movie me and the wife love we crack up watching it