Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia

Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia

Navy SEALS mount an attack on Colombian special forces to clear their names and rescue a hostage.

Navy SEALS mount an attack on Colombian special forces to clear their names and rescue a hostage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia torrent reviews

Rubens O (au) wrote: Melhor filme de terror do ano j! Vai ser difcil algum bater ele.

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Kieran T (ag) wrote: i loved so many elements of this movie, but overall it didnt come together for me. Like all movies of this nature, a predictable dramatic event eventually occurs, it plagued the likes of Midnight My Love, of Ploy, of Lost in Translation. Writers can just never resist that dramatic event that brings things to closure. Unfortunately its always the worst part of the movie. I want to one day just watch a movie that has the slow timely pace of the first half of this movie, and Nothing happens, thats all i want, No closure, no dramatic forced unconvincing event, just nothing happens.This has great cinematography, great music (from the composer of Ploy), great editing (from the Editor of Midnight My Love). Overall though i dont think it should have won the Best thai film of the year Award, and as much as i was impressed by the director, he clearly has not left his short film days behind him as this was essentially an elongated short film. Supphasit really pissed me off, bit i loved Anchalee's performance, she was great.

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Private U (us) wrote: Interesting idea but wasn't too impressed. Average.

Thiesa C (au) wrote: Guta was brilliant!!!

Joe C (us) wrote: A good romantinc comedy with a twist of murder as well. Ricki Lake does a good job as well as Brendan Frasier. Shirley McClaine does an amazing job as the mother in this movie! SHe practically steals the show. Great cast all around. Has a few good one liners that will make you laugh out loud.

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Amy J (br) wrote: I tink commercialism has blinded people to the deep subtlety of existence and art. I LOVED this movie ... the characters were very real ... it was both intimate and voyeuristic. rawly personal and yet universal. It was not as 'shallow' as just a commentary about disconnectedness .... it was beautifully worked and experiential and relatable, yet those uncomfortable with self-reflection and/or the place where our external paradigms intersect with our internal lives may feel 'disconnected' from this film. Interesting how the very subtext of the film seems to manifest itself as evidenced by the diverse reaction of viewers and critics.