Behind God's Back

Behind God's Back


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Andri A (jp) wrote: It is one of the best Chinese movies in the past decade.

Maggie M (mx) wrote: What? This movie was lame. It's like Dumb & Dumber.

Allan J (ca) wrote: If you don't know Xavier's biografy, you have to see this movie.Directed by the artistically inept soap-opera director Daniel Filho, Chico Xavier appears to be a film made exclusively to make big bucks out of an audience of religious viewers.The acting is poor, but the unknown boy Matheus Costa is spectacular in the role of a nine year-old Chico Xavier, the best acting of the movie.The music score is a plus in this film. The movie is based on Marcel Souto Maior's best-seller As Vidas de Chico Xavier (The Lives of Chico Xavier), but the director leave a lot of important facts out of the screen.It's a quite hard work to portrait the essence of Chico Xavier's life. Although he lived 92 years and psycho-graphed more than 400 books, Chico Xavier's life was, above all superlatives, an example of charity, love to his fellowman, resignation, patience and true Christian humbleness.Regardless of religious beliefs, it is impossible not to recognize the immense influence Chico Xavier has had on the Brazilian people. That is exactly why his story deserved better than this half-cooked piece of commercial cinema.

Jeff S (ag) wrote: Completely cringeworthy if it weren't for performances from Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell

Doctor S (fr) wrote: Grade Z in every respect - terrible acting, unlikable characters, awful dialogue, misguided sense of humor, gloppy blood effects, "hey-it's-a-guy-in-a-suit" costuming, rigid facial prosthetics. The wolf creature from Evil Toons was more convincing (and yeah, he was a badly animated 'toon.) In the case of this low-budget horror story of a horror story, you get what you pay for.

Eliabeth H (ru) wrote: This movie is so funny David spade is so dam funny in this movie

Ron K (fr) wrote: A great idea for a film but not carried out well. It is funnier to describe it than to wade through the two hours of it.

Brian B (es) wrote: Thank you Netflix for suggesting this movie. I didn't get to see this when I was younger, but now I finally have. I loved every minute of it. Being that I am an actor in theater and film, it made the experience perfect. A movie rife with murder, double and triple crosses. Reeve (gone before his time) proves he is much more than Superman. Cain as always is terrific.

Deborah H (kr) wrote: Jodie Foster stars in this movie dealing with her friends and drugs , family etc. Her early days in film.

tRaCy (gb) wrote: A very good movie!Based on a true story.

Katerina K (es) wrote: Seriously underrated movie. Exciting, thrilling, and just the right amount of wrong.

WS W (es) wrote: I'd have gone checking Woody Allen's old films out if wanted to see another quick-fire talking film.

Alec L (us) wrote: A competent historical action film that retains enough story and refuses just enough ridiculous to warrant viewing. All of the main players are cast perfectly and deliver their lines well, the camera work is competent and this particular version of such a well known tale offers enough novelty.