Behind the Bars

Behind the Bars


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1990
  • Language:Czech
  • Reference:Imdb
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Behind the Bars torrent reviews

Karsh D (es) wrote: Fun for the kids aged 8 and under i'm sure. Not so much for anyone over that age

Melodee C (br) wrote: One of the scariest entries in the After Dark collection! Must see!!

Will S (es) wrote: it was pretty cool in parts, although i felt the ending was kind of abrupt

Ryan M (au) wrote: Cute film with way too much of Jason Segal's front. Ick!

Phillie E (ca) wrote: You couldn't get me to scarf down this rotten canoli if my life depended on it.

John M (gb) wrote: I hate chick flicks. But for some reason, i really enjoyed this one. Topher Grace shines past his "70s" roots and there is a lot of well written dialogue.

Charles P (br) wrote: Steve McQueen is as unruffled as usual, and the film features one of the most influential car chase sequences ever executed.

Bob D (fr) wrote: Typical overdone 50's b movie shocker ...everyone talks with a funny fake southern texas accent.. Everyone has a gun in their car.... Typical 'looney professor' creates his own 'Neanderthal' out of himself. Fake 'sabertooths' running around.. Pretty girl who screams well, and a handsome young Dr. you can guess where its going, and how it will end. But, with a good beer or two, its fun! I really enjoyed how one of the locals says, 'Los Angeleeeeezz'

Jenna S (us) wrote: cool to see what chicago was based on!

Paul A (es) wrote: City Lights is one of the very few films I can watch that contains no dialogue. Its a visually stunning film and the music is quite wonderful. Though there is no speaking, the facial expressions and the emotions of the characters say everything. Charlie Chaplin plays the Little Tramp in a movie that's funny, romantic, heartwarming, and sometimes sad. Its not difficult to see why City Lights is hailed as Chaplin's best work.

Dayan W (au) wrote: This movie is just bad. It's funny though. A typical 80's slasher, just a lot worse. It's about a human buffet. And there is a character named Vitamin C.So bad, it hasn't even been released on DVD.#50 it is.