Behind the Candelabra

Behind the Candelabra

Based on the autobiographical novel, the tempestuous 6-year relationship between Liberace and his (much younger) lover, Scott Thorson, is recounted.

Based on the autobiographical novel, the tempestuous 6-year relationship between Liberace and his teenage lover, Scott Thorson which deteriorates when Liberace takes other bedmates and Thorson becomes addicted to drugs is recounted. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John Y (kr) wrote: Fantastic documentary. You learn so much that you didn't know.

Tim M (au) wrote: Ever want to see Joey Lawrence act like a robot? Watch Blossom!, Joey Lawrence sucks. In this movie Joey, err, Joseph, plays an android whom is handcuffed to a human... who hates androids - drAma! Think of it as Fled, meets Judge Dredd, meets 55 minutes too long, meets I just realized about 7 people know about both of those movies. I AM THE LAW! Oh, and to clarify, the "drAma" comment made earlier mistakingly implied that there is drama, or anything that might excite you in this movie, but not on this ship!! Chris Jericho didn't even has a speaking line, or do a lion tamer...I want my $2.99 back!

Bruno L (de) wrote: I was expecting much more. The movie starts well, but then becomes so boring.

Adam T (de) wrote: Ian Fleming once said "Bond may go wildly beyond the probable but not beyond the possible". This appears to be the motto for Die Another Day. A movie crammed with genetically modified villains, ice palaces, and invisible cars. This is Brosnan's 'Moonraker' and at the time, I thought that it was the nadir of the Brosnan era and represented a dumbing down of the entire franchise. In hindsight though, while it is too long, not consistently credible and contains some truly embaressing, cliche-ridden dialogue (Particularly 007's poorly conceived one-liners that would even make Roger Moore cringe), it is atleast entertaining. There are nods to classic Bond films (such as the xenomorphic villain's Union Jack parachute and Halle Berry emerging from the surf ala Honey Rider in Dr No) and Brosnan manages to get some depth out of the character in what is arguebly his strongest performance as the iconic British spy. His scenes in a North Korean prison camp where he appears bearded and looking not unlike an Irish political prisoner, are memorable and show us some character vulnerability. There are many liabilities in this film, as mentioned and strangely for a movie this size and budget, some of those include the CGI effects. When Bond is surfing a tidal wave for example, it is very obvious in some frames that it is just computer animation. Still, a lot of time and effort has clearly gone into this one and it shows.

Imani B (de) wrote: Interesting. The ending was pretty mysterious- You don't know if he lives or dies. The ending was so well-produced that you don't care because they are there together in the ambuluence reminiscing about their story. Romantic.

Inna H (br) wrote: Tough when actors can't act. Makes it painful to watch.

Matt C (fr) wrote: Drago was unlikeable yet likeable at the same time. Major turning point in the Rocky franchise. Mountain training montage, all I gotta say.

Cameron H (mx) wrote: My five-star rating seems inadequate to give to the rare film that earns my appreciation for editing, sound editing and mixing, lighting, set design, even costume design during my first time watching the movie, all while I am fully engrossed in, uh, was that really three hours that sprinted by? The style alone felt too cool and dangerous for its time -- the dual scene play, the foggy flashbacks, the musical cues that the audience does not expect the characters to notice, complete silence in effective use, and, of course, Ennio Morricone's score, much more somber and leisurely in its movements, though frightening in the tensest moments.Sergio Leone's presentation was perfect for this Wild West melodrama, starring four characters whose motives remain some degree of a mystery, well past any revelations we may have about their situations. This is in debt to both the actors -- Claudia Cardinale, Charles Bronson, Jason Robards, and Henry Fonda (the villain!) -- and the script, which together tell a story of self-interested players and shooters who try to predict the target's next move as best as they can, without revealing their tactic. Frank (Fonda) seems to play strictly for profit, gaining such by whatever means are necessary. Jill (Cardinale), after moving into her home to find her entire family dead, wants to settle into the lifestyle she had planned in the first place. Cheyenne (Robards) usually plays for profit too, though he was framed by Frank for the death of Jill's family and must shift focus towards protecting her and himself. Harmonica (Bronson) is out for blood, Frank's blood. They are all smart people, and do not dare reveal every perspective and strategy in their book. However, they also immediately pounce on the opportunities for an alliance, however long it will last. I could not say there was much of a theme, as each character's motives were so different, but a theme does not matter as much as focus. And Leone has that, packaging Once Upon a Time in the West in such a way that demands your full attention for every scene, lest you miss an important clue into a character's head. Cinema at its chunkiest and most gripping.

John B (it) wrote: This gets two stars only for the lovely Jane Fonda. Fonda is not called upon however to use her acting chops to any great extent. I can see why this would become a cult favourite but in reality, this is just a fascinating piece of rubbish.

Sinead L (jp) wrote: A good story, but I don't think it was presented particularly well. The morals and overall themes were great, but somehow the story didn't unravel as well as it should have.

Ruben J (ag) wrote: nice movie to watch of course were here and there need some improvement points.

Mary B (es) wrote: Slow, predictable cancer story.