Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask

A Secret Service agent (Jack Holt) nabs a scalpel-happy doctor who runs drugs in caskets.

A federal agent goes undercover to infiltrate a drug smuggling operation headed by a mysterious Mr. X, a criminal mastermind whose identity is unknown even to his henchmen. Mr. X is also ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Behind the Mask torrent reviews

Simon R (de) wrote: Lots of boobs and fish. Not bad.

Emma C (kr) wrote: Enjoyable, much the same as the first but with an exotic twist

Giuliana L (br) wrote: If you don't like French New Wave cinema, you probably won't like this homage to it. I happen to like French films, (including French New Wave ones) and found it enjoyable and sweet in a surprising way. Profound themes of sadness are explored, but there is also an engaging lightness to the story. The close relationship between the brothers is believable and heart warming; what's surprising is that their closeness has continued beyond childhood. In this movie, family bonds are strong and real, and ultimately provide healing. The jazz score is fantastic, too!

Iain G (it) wrote: Poor. Even for a movie of this genre.

James O (de) wrote: He'd make a good England manager that Ricky Tomlinson. Its a comedy but actually a decent insight into the footballing mentality in theis country that produces the England teams we've been watching for the last 50 years. Like a self parody, not a funny one though.

Rick S (ca) wrote: love this movie,except for the twist,they loved the same girl

Ken T (gb) wrote: Freakishly weird with many paradoxical mistakes...That said, it isn't a bad watch, worth one look only"

Max M (jp) wrote: This is a strong contender for my least favorite movies of time. What is worse is that the 1933 original and the 2005 remake are 2 of my all time favorites. Even when I was a kid who was supposed to like everything I knew King Kong Lives was horrible. I find some enjoyment out of the 70s remake (it may be a nostalgia thing, but who knows?), but I HATE King Kong Lives

Lee M (ru) wrote: Hopelessly outdated and borderline ridiculous medical thriller about cloned fashion models.

Lisa S (ru) wrote: this was made right after rocky. its set in new york. its also tom waits first movie. its just a silly movie and its not very good.

KweenKay G (jp) wrote: It's a film that sheds light on Hollywood exploits and the sexual presentation of most pop stars. This movie will open your mind to the dangers that most entertainers and performers are subjected to. Above all else this movies teaches you about self worth and passion. No one can ever pay you enough to do something you don't want to do. You can pursue your dreams but do it with passion.

Mick R (ag) wrote: Not a great movie compared to her true classics like All About Eve, Now Voyager , Jezabel, Watch On The Rhine, Dark Victory etc but if one Bette can always make a movie at least watchable, 2 Bettes, one good & the other bad (& better) has to be an essential must-see

Kieran F (de) wrote: Loved this film, a cross between eagle eye and wanted, what could go wrong, nothing! Great film! John Cusack great as ever!