Behind the Sun

Behind the Sun

Brazilian badlands, April 1910. Tonho is ordered by his father to avenge the death of his older brother. The young man knows that if he commits this crime, his life will be divided in two: the twenty years he has already lived and the few days he has left to live, before the other family avenges their son's death. He is torn between fulfilling his ancestral duty and rebelling against it, urged by his younger brother Pacu. That's when a tiny travelling circus passes through the vast badlands where Tonho's family lives.

When ordered by his father to avenge the death of his older brother, a young man questions the tradition of violence between two rival families. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Barbara H (de) wrote: "Museum Hours" moves slowly but the intervals between the narrations give us time to fully digest and understand what we experienced before the next phase is presented. There is also the comparison of the past event to the immediate moment and the realization that some things are beyond human comprehension.The film shows that so much escapes our notice. It also shows how different are our individual viewpoints.It is a walking through way of experiencing art through living it.

Chandra R (jp) wrote: decent movie worth the time.

Meta S (de) wrote: Glad i picked this as one of the EUFF movie. Light hearted. Cute funny story. A little bit sentimental. Learned more bout East Germany. Plus Friedrich Mucke is good looking.

garth m (it) wrote: First off, cards on the table, there is no possible good outcome likely from Western interference in Afghan Affairs. We have only caused harm and in the process created new enemies for ourselves while doing nothing to change a millennia-old society and culture save provide them with more efficient means of killing one anther and us in the process. Nothing demonstrates how out of place those Texas Cowboys were on that mountainside as the sight of that Afghan lad bounding down a boulder field like a mountain goat. Not since the movie Black Hawk Down has such feral hatred been portrayed on screen as that in the eyes of the Afghan Shepherds while they are held by the Seal Team. Those boys were dead men from the moment that flock of goats blundered upon their hiding place. Luttrell may have survived due to an ancient custom of hospitality and sanctuary but in providing that succour the family and the village in which they lived did themselves irreparable harm. The greater transgression was a Westerner blundering into a situation of which he had no understanding in the first place. Having trashed the circumstances that background this action movie the special effects and stunts we see on screen are spectacular. If you've read the book this film was based on you know that the torture that is Navy Seal Training was only hinted at here. These men are honed to the point that they manage to go on fighting even though their bodies are dying and lesser men would have long since died from shock. Stars are for the action scenes and special effects. When the action stops the deficiencies of the acting become blaring. Read the book. Hollywood throws in extras to needless heighten the drama.

Rangan R (kr) wrote: After watching this film I just remembered the quote from 'Sullivan's Travels' which says 'film's the greatest educational medium the world has ever known'. Indeed, cinema's for entertainment as well acts as a message deliverer. This was an inspirational movie, and everybody must see it. I know I'm a bit late to see it, better late than never, right? I'm really glad for having it at the right time because 15 years ago I did not have this blog to write about it. Ok, the name of the movie represents the theme of the story. No matter its a developed or developing country, society needs something like the idea this movie talks about. Carrying a good social message, the movie slightly lags behind the too much on the emotions, especially the end part. There won't be a problem if you like melodrama. Other than that, I feel the conclusion was smart and strong, a better solution which would appeal for certain group rather alternate finale. The film was based on the novel of the same name, crafted by a fine director with the wonderful cast. Haley Joel Osment had a great career as a child-star, you should check some of his films if you love children's movies including this title on the top of that list. As a middle aged actor, Helen Hunt's one of the last best performances before turning into a senior artist. It's not a usual role for Kevin Spacey, but he nailed it with the good dialogues. Especially his talk about the topic 'child abuse' was a great thing from the movie. Overall, the actors get more credit for the first-class acts as the script demanded for their respective roles. What did you ever do to change the world. A movie about a man who achieved in science gets the Oscar, not that real man. A movie about a man escapes from the war prison camp and slavery gets the award, and again none of those real persons. But a movie with the original, intelligent, inspiring, specially designed for a movie was not even a contender of the Oscars. Of course, it was transformed from a book, though there are/were no real people behind these great characters, all are imagined/created for the book and the movie. I never understood the American Academy Awards. By now you would know that I hate critics badly if you are a regular reader of my blog. Once again they failed to recognise how great the morality of the story is, rather they have concentrated to criticise the writing and the technical aspect of the film. Although, it was not a box office flop or earned beyond, but got a lot of praise from the families. It's a wonderful family drama, but still too far from being a masterpiece. Intelligent enough one to get motivated towards the social issues. Being practical in the real world is a concern as it is risky, depending on the situation and the person, just like this movie's ending. Rare to find a movie like this, you must check it out.8/10

Abdullah A (gb) wrote: Ow man, this is such a beautiful movie. I have watched this movie so many times, and every single time, it hits me like that first. The combination of the Bryan Adams soundtrack with the beautiful amazing animation, this film will no doubt bring the out hidden emotion in you. You'll feel free, heartbroken, tense, magnificent. I don't believe that there are any Western animations that are quite like this, and in fact, I don't believe there are any animations at all that are quite like this. This is definitely NOT JUST FOR KIDS! I can't believe the amount of people saying that. Trust me, just give yourself the first 5 minutes alone and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Alexander P (mx) wrote: Better than the 2nd and Fahey puts in a good performance but still not anywhere near as good as original

Brian H (mx) wrote: Complete shit. Barely watchable. Our Beloved hero is no longer a barbarian, but a skinny sarcastic ferris bueller rip off. Stock footage from the original, horrible production and embarrassing acting make this worthless.

Adam N (nl) wrote: Perhaps the greatest film in the long line of tragic heroic kungfu comedies. Ron Pearl of CBS radio said it single handidly destroyed the Soviet Empire.

Lee M (es) wrote: A delightful, entertaining trifle of a film that shows both the possibilities and limitations of taking liberties with literature and history.

Richard W (nl) wrote: Known in the UK as North Sea Hijack this is a bit of a guilty pleasure IMO. While the film is a standard action flick the performance of Roger Moore, as the lead character Ffolkes, elevates it to something more as he rudely bosses everyone around and openly shows his dislike for women,in an effort by Moore to play against his Bond typecasting. The rest of the cast are perfectly fine but not given much to do in standard action film roles while the film moves along at a reasonable pace so that the viewer doesn't lose interest when Moore isn't on screen. Released a year after the Iranian embassy siege in London I found it difficult to get the iconic footage of the SAS led rescue of the hostages out of my mind while watching this and one wonders how much of an influence that event was on this film. Overall great fun.

Greg W (it) wrote: Once you find the groove of this delectable cheese fest, you'll realize how influential Guillotine has been.

TheScarlatescu R (ag) wrote: great movie, and the filming of the race looked great

Charlie M (gb) wrote: Toni Colette is a delight as the awkward, chubby girl who just wants to be proud of herself for once. The story here is broad at times with cartoonishly evil friends harassing her, but then it gets dark with subplots of cancer, suicide and a marriage of convenience. While the overall tone is uneven, I still loved the message at the end; Be good to people who are good to you, and don't waste time proving your worth to the haters. Also: You can't fight the power of ABBA.

Zachary M (ag) wrote: I think I've figured out the formula to making a financially successful western, you must make your characters unique enough to the point that the audience doesn't realize that all Westerns are all essentially the same thing. Tombstone doesn't do that. Everything about this movie just screams, been there done that, and even in a fun way. Maybe this could be used as a case study for future screenwriters to know how to not due a Western.

Ken S (au) wrote: Terrence Malick is a great filmmaker...but his latest film is nothing special. It has his trademark beautiful cinematography and is told mostly through images and narration...but while it looks great, it is in service of practically nothing. I could see the bones of a story, or a theme in here, but there was no meat. No real purpose or endgame. And worst of all what is there are elements we've seen before time and time again. It is the rich man, successful in his career but feeling empty in his personal life...will the endless parade of women and excess be enough to fill the void? Give me a break. Speaking of breaks, maybe Malick needs to take another one.

Matthew M (it) wrote: great movie about revenge. I like the soundtrack and the DVD is high quality. great performances by Fred Williamson, Robert Forster, and of course Steve James. Also Joe Spinell makes a cameo