• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:96 minutes
  • Release:1974
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:handicap,  

An intense and often claustrophobic film made about and by experimental director Stephen Dwoskin. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julien E (br) wrote: Un peu clich et maladroit. Trs ordinaire comme film.

Shawn H (nl) wrote: Raine and I will trade off names of movies that we see listed on Netflix and he mentioned this one so I told him I would watch it. This movie plays like a modern Grindhouse revenge film from the '70's. There's a mixture of horror, comedy, and exploitation that were famous back then. I was expecting just a crappy movie but what I got was a great movie to just sit back and munch on popcorn to. To bad I didn't have any popcorn. This would have been a great movie to catch at one of those midnight drive-ins. I recommend this movie to anyone really. There is language and lots of violence.

Juli N (fr) wrote: while its storyline was paper thin the breathtaking cinematography and lingering camera shots of faces reflecting their own private world of hurt were as prolific as jackrabbits!

Brian S (jp) wrote: Brian Yuzna combines the films "Dagon" and "Warlock" to create a combination of the films "Dagon" and "Warlock." It's not bad, even if it is about as derivative as they come. The acting ranges from passable to entertainingly cheezy as do the special effects. There's some good gore here and plenty of references to the occult to keep those with such interests entertained. Veering somewhat away from Lovecraftiana, Yuzna this time uses a good deal of Aleister Crowley's mystical fiction as a point of departure and then flies away liberally with it. It's all quite predictable but it does convey the sense of depraved glee that typifies much of Yuzna's work, particularly when it comes to cannibalism and a party gone out of bounds in some of the most over-the-top ways you're likely to see in a film that squeaked in with an R rating. Will it scare you? Probably not. Will it shock you? Well, maybe a little. Will it keep you watching? Most likely. It is, at least, internally consistent enough and with a relatively simple plot that won't leave you guessing too much. Brainless horror entertainment that might just keep you from swimming in reservoirs created to flood old Spanish towns taken over by black magicians... and hey, is that really such a bad idea? If you liked "Dagon" and "Warlock," you'll like "Beneath Still Waters," too. Just don't expect too much from it.

Jim M (ag) wrote: Steven Seagal Vanity Project #16. Brace yourself this ones actually pretty good. Seagal plays an ex-CIA agent/single father who's daughter is kidnapped in Thailand, possably by terrorists, and he goes to get her back, this involves shooting people, blowing shit up, broken bones a sword fight and she-male assassin (funniest line by Seagal apon this revelation "I liked you better when you where a bitch"). Add some gratuatios nudity and we're good. Eluvaited by the fact that there's really none of the preachiness about whatever cause Seagal happens to be indorsing and Byron Mann on hand to soften the douchbag aspect of Seagal and it makes for an enjoyable action movie. Now well some one please tell me what the deal was with the evil monk, seriously who's idea was it to throw this magic bit in 15-20 minutes before the movie ends?

Robert S (mx) wrote: I enjoyed this movie for Leslie Nielsen's zany performance, and McDowell's classic bad guy performance!!!

diego h (kr) wrote: holaaaaaaaaaa yo sordo verdad ok bien

Tammie P (ag) wrote: I just finished this movie. It's one of my favorites. Kirstie Alley is so funny, her best role :) they made a perfect choice on picking her! I love that little wand dance song she does lol haha it gets stuck in my head but it's a great song. Another one I like is when the character Cathrin goes in the Hellavator and that song pops up, I think it's called not another heartache..something like that but I love that song. I think it went perfect for the movie!! A movie to be cherished in my heart forever :D that's certain

Darryl P (nl) wrote: Pretty good semi mindless action. Denzel Washington and Marky Mark have a good rapport

Kyle M (ag) wrote: The satirical take on the military seen in "Private Benjamin" is a typical, above-average 80s' comedy built from a usual ingredient of hilarity being formed by witty dialogues and comedic performances from a nice cast to fuel it up, especially with Murray leading things when standing out as the commander of laughs. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Televisnostic I (kr) wrote: Cheesy 80's horror.I loved it.

jason b (es) wrote: What a Dumb movie! Possibly the worst movie i have ever seen!