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Alan D (de) wrote: Why Him is a good film with good performances from its two leads as we are to expect, be it a little generic and predictable. The film has a few good laughs and a few raunchy scenes. On the hole Why Him is a film that will be enjoyable at home with a few friends.

Daniel G (jp) wrote: The movie that changed my life forever about how I view homosexuality. I still cry.

danny c (mx) wrote: im a big fan of the old school Y&D series, so any Gangsta movies iwth ekin in there i like !!

Tracy F (au) wrote: I loved it!!!! Simply loved it.

Manuel T (kr) wrote: Who needs good actors and screenplays anyways?

ray h (it) wrote: This is a gender bending period flic that covers some 400 yrs. So, there is a heavy dose of fantasy and symbolism at play. The movie is derived from a novel by Virginia Woolf. The story is of a young man who lives over 4 centuries, never aging. And, in the middle of it, he becomes a she. The director, Sally Potter, commented she was interested in exploring the common humanness of both men and women.Orlando (Tilda Swinton) is well played by the actress. She is flat-out excellent. Although, I could not buy her as a young man. She makes a much better woman.The sets and costuming were very rich and impressive. The story left me behind. I am not a fantasy fan. I suspect this movie might appeal more to women (young) than to men. I dont know many men who wonder about living as a woman. Its not on the male radar. Although, I bet some women ponder the male role in society. But, Ms Swinton is worth checking out.It was an OK flic.

VVilly G (au) wrote: So stupid it's kind of funny.

Justin A (mx) wrote: I didn't hate it. I didn't love it.First, I commend the filmmakers for making a feature length movie for basically no budget. It doesn't quite look like its budget, but that's the advantage to the camera they used. However, it certainly feels like its budget.What do I mean that it feels like its budget? Well, scenes cut away so not to show action. A lot of shots linger just to lengthen the running time. There is a real lack of characters (which isn't a criticism because of the plot). Everything is shot on locations away from the public out in the woods, and the one scene that takes place in a suburban neighborhood definitely DOES NOT look like a post-apocalyptic neighborhood. Also, some of the shots (like a butterfly on the steering wheel or a branch in the foreground while the characters are out of focus in the background) definitely look like something from a small, small budget movie.I'm not hating the movie for its budget. I completely understand, and again I commend them for what they did do. It's just hard for me to love a movie that didn't really do anything. There are lots of ultra low budget movies out there and the ones that stand out are the ones that don't feel like its budget. For a low budget movie to reach that next level the filmmakers need to come up with ways to make something work, despite its budget. The Battery doesn't try to figure out how to make something work despite its budget, it just ignores things and shoots around stuff.For example, the characters do next to nothing to try and get out of their situation. They had bottles of alcohol, blankets, a lighter, cans of food, jugs for water, and a gun. I imagined they would have come up with something like makeshift molotov cocktails, but no. That would require pyrotechnics, choreographing, and stuntwork. Again, I'm not criticizing the movie because it didn't do something action packed, I'm criticizing it because it didn't try. The scene where Ben puts a zombie in Mickey's room could have been shot inside the room with some special effects blood (this is a zombie movie after all). Yet, it's shot completely outside the room. The same goes for the scene where Mickey tries to get the keys to the car while Ben waits inside. We don't get some choreographed action outside the car where Mickey has to evade zombies and use his baseball skills. Instead, we get what felt like a good ten minutes of Ben sitting in the car doing... nothing.By the way, that scene of him sitting in the car was waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long. It didn't make the scene tense or dramatic, it just felt annoying and almost arrogant. This isn't a Goodfellas shot, it's just a guy sitting in a car smoking. There's no message, there's no tension, it's just boring.There are lots of scenes that go on longer than they should too. This movie is probably 20 minutes longer than it needed to be. The dancing scene would have left more of an impact if it was cut like a minute and a half. Lots of minor editing would have helped this movie tremendously not only in pacing, but in its emotion. I didn't feel more connected to the characters because of the slow, lingering shots, and it seemed like a lot of scenes missed the target of its intention because they simply lasted too long.Also, what the hell was with the ending? The entire reason they were trapped in the car was because he was shot in the leg and couldn't run. But at the end of the movie he escapes and is a good twenty feet ahead of the zombies limping away? So did he just not want to get out of the car earlier because he was sleepy? It made no sense.I'm really not hating this movie as much as it may seem. I still think it's better than most movies that are shot for this kind of budget. My problem is that it's really nothing special and zombies are overplayed at this point. If you like ultra low budget movies or you have to see every zombie movie, then you may enjoy this one. It wasn't offensive viewing, but I wanted to like it more than I did.