Bei di yan zhi

Bei di yan zhi


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Jean S (es) wrote: They try to make it known that others will fight but will get company.

Kurt C (nl) wrote: So well done! Completely enticing and comedic. I thought the story and pace slowed down toward the end, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Tim B (it) wrote: Really fun and clever film.

Amy M (gb) wrote: Cute enough, with some fun, messy characters. Young Anna Kendrick stole the show; she wasn't in nearly enough scenes!

Private U (au) wrote: I got over Dogma films awhile ago because when they was worse than a home video of my trailertrash cousin's "sweet sixteen" birthday...wait...OMG!!! THAT's BRILLIANT!!! Anyways, five stars because the film succeeds at showing the watcher a mirrored image of oneself and asks "Is this the promised end?"

Nick C (fr) wrote: A childhood favorite of mine

Claire T (ca) wrote: it was an ok movie but I don't think I'll want it on DVD, It was an ok movie and I didn't know Christopher Lloyd was in it but it's a a good movie but don't want it on DVD, it was a good film but could have been better it also starred Joan Plowright, Mason Gamble, Lea Thompson (Back to the Future) and Joan Plowright

Pavandeep S (mx) wrote: Bad-ass, a fascinating movie, a psychological adventure into the mind of Robert Ford, the camera-work is utterly sublime.

I dont know w (ag) wrote: This is the first in the series that was reviewed extremely well by both critics and users.

Christopher E (nl) wrote: Crap, though for the genre it is better than most.

Russell G (gb) wrote: This movie is good its a good mix of action, drama, and suspension with an unexpected dark streak. The characters are interesting and Sam Jackson was perfect for his part. I wonder how no one has heard about it; it's pretty underrated.

Rachel B (fr) wrote: The boxing ring aesthetic is the same as Raging Bull, but the approach here is totally different. A lot of the film happens in real time, so it can feel kinda slow, but the suspense and human interest angle's quite good. It's an interesting film, but not special, much like Robert Ryan's boxer character.

Matthew M (ag) wrote: It may be a bit simplified, yes, but thanks to strong performances, a unique visual style and witty dialogue the film is both engaging and entertaining - and an important film for this day and age.

Alan S (mx) wrote: The fact that a critic doesn't like a movie with spiritual overtones isn't surprising. I like that the coaches kept reminding the kids--its just a game. A movie with positive lessons.

kiyoko a (fr) wrote: one of those movies where you wish evreyone would just hurry up and die already. and now we have the handsome ken watanabe battling morgan freeman for supporting supplementary poc saving yet another whiteman in a whole nother realm :(. only tolerable if you can make bad jokes back at it.