Being in the World

Being in the World

BEING IN THE WORLD takes us on a journey around the world to meet philosophers influenced by the thought of Martin Heidegger, as well as experts in the fields of sports, music, craft, and ...

BEING IN THE WORLD takes us on a journey around the world to meet philosophers influenced by the thought of Martin Heidegger, as well as experts in the fields of sports, music, craft, and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Laurie A (nl) wrote: I hate all these people.

Michelle C (de) wrote: Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love magic. This movie had such great promise, and it almost delivered on that promise until the end. Themes of belief, bullying, burnout, and being a better person were woven through a critique and comparison of big stage "magic," comedy magic, and classic closeup magic tricks. Carey's parody of Chris Angel is spot on, but their "jokes" about Sigfried & Roy being attacked by their tigers was just in bad taste. However, the end of the movie killed this movie for me. Their final "trick" was ridiculous, ludicrous, and maddening. It took 1.5 stars away from my review!

Jamin M (de) wrote: I love this film. It's funny, nicely animated and well-written. It has a very original story and most of all, it's extremely cute. Bolt is just the most awesome, adorable dog ever, super dog or not, and John Travolta did a wonderful job at voicing him. Rhino and Mittens are also pretty likeable. It probably could've used a bit more humor because it could've been one of the great animated comedies like Shrek 2, but I was genuinely satisfied with the humor that did come out of it. It's not great, but it's very good and entertaining. One of my favorites from Disney. Bolt a fun, unique, heartwarming little adventure the whole family can enjoy

Dave G (au) wrote: This British 'Boyz in the hood' doesn't say anything new except maybe tell the world that certain parts of London have black on black shootings. Not very original but worth a watch.

Adam R (ca) wrote: An enchanting fantasy with great storytelling. It's a well-made Disney film that I enjoyed more than I thought I would. (First and only full viewing - Fall 2009)

Adam U (ru) wrote: what to say about this movie ,,,,,, I love Fairuza Balk as Annie , its a great gang movie .

Alex S (mx) wrote: If its not worth watching for the outstanding acting alone, then it certainly is for the great script and excellent direction that combine with it. Glengarry Glen Ross is an engaging, cynical, but ultimately humorous look at corruption, desperation, and societal pressures.

Reen I (ca) wrote: True Bloodvampire forever..

Bruno L (mx) wrote: It was good to show all the historical facts from Quilombo dos Palmares, but I didn't like much the plot and some dialogues.

Lucy M (de) wrote: Absolutely LOVED this. Outrageously sexy movie.

Chris W (kr) wrote: A decade after they lit the place up with Scarface, Brian De Palma and Al Pacino reteam for another compelling crime drama involving the drug trade- a gripping film that shows the consequences of a life of crime from a much more real and gritty perspective point of view than Scarface. Not that Scarface is a bad movie, it's a great film, but this one is just more human.Carlito "Charlie" Brigante has just been released from prison after serving 5 years of a 30 year sentence thanks to the work of his scheming and smarmy lawyer Dave Kleinfeld. Now that he's out, Carlito decides to go the straight and narrow, and cut ties with his old life. He's got big dreams ahead of him, and, noble as they may be, he finds it hard to completely let go of the past.As I said above, it's a very human film, and it goes for the heart as much as it does for the throat. Yeah, the film has shades of familiarity (what film doesn't?) but it's very well played. De Palma tones down some of the manic camera work, and there's no split screen, but we do get some good long takes and tracking shots, and that typical feeling of being inside the event of the film that he's known for doing. It's a gorgeous picture, and you truly get immersed in Carlito's world.It's set in the 70s (I believe, as the film doesn't make it too obvious, but it feels like that's what they're trying for), and the details, though subtle, are nice. This could have been more overt, but they went for restraint, and that makes the picture a lot stronger I think.It's also got some terrific performances. Pacino once again stuns as Carlito, and I dig the beard he brings with his accent. Sean Penn is tremendous as Kleinfeld, and he's the kind of coked-out worm you love to hate. Luis Guzman and John Leguizamo provide some decent supporting performances, and Penelope Ann Miller is fine as Carlito's old/rekindled flame Gale, but the real treat acting wise is the brief cameo from a young and barely recognizable Viggo Mortensen as an old wheelchair-bound associate of Carlito's. It's a truly remarkable appearance.All in all, this is a wonderful film. It's long, but it doesn't feel like a chore. You get to know the characters and world, and you really try to root for them and hope that a more mature perspective on the world will yield better results. Definitely give this one a shot. Truly one of De Palma's finest.

Hugo V (nl) wrote: -Krampus 2013 -The Chrstmas Devil - Is een (Amerikaanse ! ) B - film (low budjet) vertellend over Krampus (een beestachtig demon) door het zijn van een low budjet film is de vertolking en uitvoering wel wat minder maar misschien maakt "Krampus" 2015 wat ook wel een B-film is het misschien beter waar.-De Krampus is een beestachtige demon uit de folklore van de Alpen-regio's. Het woord komt van het Oudhoogduitse woord voor klauw: Krampen. De Krampus is in de Alpen-regio de metgezel van Sinterklaas, hij komt onder andere voor in Oostenrijk, Hongarije, Sloveni, Kroati, Itali en Tsjechi.--Beschrijving van de traditie:-Van oudsher vermommen jonge mannen zich als de Krampus in de eerste twee weken van december. Vooral op de avond van 5 december zwerven ze over de straten en jagen kinderen (en volwassenen) angst aan met roestige bellen en kettingen. Het idee hierachter is dat met de geluiden de kwade geesten die rond midwinter aanwezig zijn verjaagd worden.Ook komen Krampussen binnen in huizen. Waar Sinterklaas cadeautjes uitdeelt aan brave kinderen, is Krampus een dreiging voor straf voor de stoute kinderen. Hij geselt ze of stopt ze in zijn zak, waarna de stoute kinderen meegenomen worden naar het bos (zie ook man met de zak). In enkele plattelandgebieden is het traditie dat de Krampus jonge vrouwen met een tuchtroede straft.De huidige Krampus-kostuums bestaan meestal uit rode houten maskers, de huid van een zwart schaap en hoorns. De jonge mannen in de plattelandsgemeenschappen nemen competitief deel aan de Krampus-evenementen; er gaat behoorlijk wat werk zitten in het maken van het kostuum. Het uiterlijk van de Krampus kan per dorp verschillen, zo wordt in bepaalde regio's het hoofd zwartgeschminkt.In bepaalde gebieden verkleedt de vrijwillige brandweer zich, de mannen rijden dan op een wagen door het dorp. In skiresorts worden tegenwoordig processies gehouden waarin ook Krampus meeloopt, maar dit is voornamelijk voor de toeristen.