Being There

Being There

A simple-minded gardener named Chance has spent all his life in the Washington D.C. house of an old man. When the man dies, Chance is put out on the street with no knowledge of the world except what he has learned from television.

Hailed is a brilliant person and an aging gardener. Suddenly, he plays a dangerous game of politics and becomes a possible presidential candidate. What challenges he must face to attain new position? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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David R (ag) wrote: It's a inspired story. No it isn't happening right now but this is definitely the direction that our country is heading. If we don't stand up for what this country was built on this Will be what we leave for our children. It's really time to make a stand for what this Country was built on. ONE NATION UNDER GOD

Filius S (jp) wrote: In Time is the story of the future where instead of money everyone uses time as currency. Essentially how it works is everyone can live forever because of technology, and everyone stops aging at like 28 or something. The trade off is that in order to keep from overpopulating the world with lazy welfare queens, you have a life cap of x when you're born. As you live, your clock slowly ticks down, and instead of working for money, you work to refill your clock. Because of greed and shit, some people essentially get to live forever, and poor people work like dogs and die in the slums when they're young. Enter Justin Timberlake. He's just your average hard working, good looking, ultra nice and righteous dude who loves his mom. He lives in the poor area, and well, I won't tell you how, but he ends up getting infinite time. He uses this to travel from his ghetto district, to the super rich 1% district, to try and fix the income disparity, and encounters trouble, conspiracies, and a hot chick who reminds me a bit of one of those oldschool porcelain dolls. TL;DR - 6/10The movie is actually surprisingly entertaining for something being carried by JT. The guy who plays scarecrow in Nolan's batman is in this, and he's pretty awesome any time he's in a movie... also the girl in the film has an uncanny valley hotness to her, which is cool. The problem with the movie is it's a bit ham-fisted in its execution, and you end up not really caring about the characters a whole lot, because you kind of feel like you know how the movie will end. Also for something that's supposed to take place in the future/an alternate universe, there's a serious lack of ... future stuff.

Skylar H (it) wrote: GREAT MOVIE!!! I have an eleven year old daughter, who was watching it with me in the living room, and five minutes later my nine year old son came in and started watching it. They liked it so much that they asked if I could buy it on DVD so they could watch it on long car rides. We ordered pizza that night, their favorite food, and they didnt even stop to eat it. It was an inspiring movie for young and old children. Great for kids about 8+.

Lukas Z (jp) wrote: It is a disturbing and useless drama that will be very unsatisfying if you make it to the end. Although it does have the power too stick with you, for better or worse.

Matt G (au) wrote: While watching TLoO, a beloved Oscar winner that is fine but not worth the fuss, I can't help but compare it to the much superior "The Conversation". Even with strong themes on the relationship between an audience and a story, the tension between truth and love, and the theory of the butterfly effect, it never quite mosey's above passable. An achingly slow and emotionally distant drama that is nonetheless fairly intriguing.

Ricky D (us) wrote: Creepy, which is quite interesting to a few. Not recommended for most.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: One of the best visually and philosophically striking movies ever!

Anders A (gb) wrote: Cronenberg in his uncharted territorium: this being drama-love, dosnt work out as well as his more common-style films. Casting Jeremy Irons as a foregin diplomat, who fells in love with a oriental-beauty. A relationship based on nothing good, don't tend to end that way either. Visually and plot-vise this is not a bad movie, though it may lack the "superior" drama to tip up to higher rating.

Isabelle W (ag) wrote: "Because I dream, I am not..."Triste, sincero e marcante.

Amber C (mx) wrote: I Love This Movie I Would Have To Say Its My Fav Elvis Movie

Craig G (mx) wrote: You have to like motorcycles for this to be anything more than a time-waster, but I do, so I love it. It gives great insight into why we motorbike types are the way we are. The "Faster & Faster" bonus disc is the gem in the set, in my opinion.

Bill C (de) wrote: A surprisingly good supporting cast outshines an awkward Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks; look for Taraji Henson in future projects. A clever Nia Vardalos script redeems this clunker up to a point.

Brandon S (de) wrote: The best part about the movie was the ending after credits sound system was bad the graphics were too weird and I look like every Marvel movie ever and had the same storyline as every Marvel movie