Beirut Open City

Beirut Open City

The film takes place after the Lebanese Civil War during the 1990s and the Syrian occupation of Lebanon.

The film takes place after the Lebanese Civil War during the 1990s and the Syrian occupation of Lebanon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Johnny N (gb) wrote: Couldnt stop laughing?!! This film is Directed, Acted and Cinematographed soooooo badly. Within 5mins I forwarded to various points and thought 'woow great idea'.... but the acting and directing kept making me laugh....had to stop this very poor example of a 'film'.We are in an era where films are super slick. Films like this should have stayed in the cutting room. Advice: hire a better director/audition better actors.

Mattias D (mx) wrote: Wonderfull relaxing and funny movie! Recommended. Going to look for de DVD for the "extras".

Adam R (ca) wrote: In what is considered by many to be his magnum opus (an assertion of which I wholeheartedly agree), Robert Rodriguez has given us one of the best comic book movies to date. Never before have I witnessed such a beautifully rendered visual style on screen. The sharp black and white look with some striking colors throughout makes this a movie that, as clichd as it sounds, feels like watching the pages of Frank Miller's graphic novel come to life. But even taking away that style, the movie still works for its extremely memorable characters and simple but engaging stories. Rodriguez has employed some of the best actors in the business with each bringing their A-game regardless of the size of their role. My personal favorite is Elijah Wood as the homicidal killer Kevin who manages to be extremely bone-chilling without saying a single word and with only about five minutes of screentime. Each story is well written (which of course owes much of that to Miller's original writing) and clear cut with solid characters and motivations. They work individually and as part of the larger narrative. In my humble opinion, That Yellow Bastard is the best (and most disturbing) and The Long Goodbye is the weakest (mainly for a few minor lingering plot points). But perhaps most importantly, Sin City is a film that radiates confidence. By confidence I mean that it's so sure of itself in its look, storytelling, performances, and enthusiasm that it gives the film that extra special element that is lacking in many other similar products. What could've been all style and no substance manages to be a happy medium of both. The end result is a special movie that it infinitely enticing. Yes, this is a cool movie and I say that as a fact.

Lori M (kr) wrote: Sounds like a good premise... but the script is so bad and loses so many great opportunities, that the viewer ceases caring. When it was all over, I still wasn't completely sure of what just happened. Too bad... this movie has some great talent.

Dinesh P (ru) wrote: Brilliant movie a must watch about a few city guys going to countryside to herd cattle from one place to another.

Amanda S (nl) wrote: Amazing film, worth watching

PieterJan V (es) wrote: Nothing extraordinary but it's definitely good for a few laughs.

Bill B (br) wrote: Okay, so if I'm being perfectly honest, this was a bit of a let down for me, as it seemed more interested in showing me what a fun place Las Vegas was than telling me an actual story. Maybe it was my mood at the time I watched it, but I felt a bit let down. I mean, Jimmy Dean is in this fucking thing?Rental if you're a completist.

Robert H (gb) wrote: There's something about this Invisible Man tale for a new generation that just kinda works for me. The CG FX (which are numerous and a mainstay of the film) are dated but still somehow manage to work and not distract too much from the film. Clearly the technology was just good enough to manage to create the needed illusion.Science and the human psyche are the big evils here. Will man do what's right or as the movie says, "It's amazing what you can do when you don't have to look at yourself in the mirror anymore."There are some really good pieces of dialogue in the film which is surprising for a film of this nature which you figure is just going to rely on the visual spectacle. While Hollow Man doesn't generally fall on many recommend lists out there, I do think everybody should give it at least one go.

Tom L (nl) wrote: Very predictable and average acting, but a simple fun watch.