Iraq in the early 1990 was a devastating land to survive in. When we think of Iraq, the first thing that tends to pop into our minds is the war and Saddam Hussein. But there is another side...

. . But there is another side. When we think of Iraq, the first thing that tends to pop into our minds is the war and Saddam Hussein. Iraq in the early 1990 was a devastating land to survive in

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I highly recommend Pale Rider to anyone who enjoys Westerns, or even those who think they hate them but maybe haven't seen the right ones. While it won't be creeping its way into my Top 10, I have been convinced to seek out the Western that just might accomplish that feat. It is a great film that I enjoyed immensely despite a few minor hiccups along the way. That's a tall order, but it was up to the task. Pale Rider not only impressed me with it's acting performances and entertaining story, it literally made me rethink my opinion on an entire genre of films. Even the final shoot-out was unique and downright cathartic instead of being a typical cliche. It had a nice Die Hard feel to it as Preacher separated the men and slowly picked them off one by one. The climax with Stockburn and his men is absolutely amazing, possibly one of my favorite scenes I've watched this year. Luckily they don't spend a majority of the film on it, and get back to the vital storyline in a reasonable amount of time. I just wish they could have cut some of the needless love triangle and stuck with what made the movie so interesting. While Megan had a more legitimate reason (if nothing else, her youthful naivete) I still don't think it added to the story in any legitimate way. I never felt like there was enough reason for Sarah to fall for the Preacher. My one frustration with the film was all the love stuff. You could see how, despite his imposing presence, the people could grow attached to him. In fact he said very little, and when he spoke it was often mild-mannered and unassuming. I was fully engaged from start to finish, and I kind of liked the fact that they didn't waste time spelling out the actual origins of Eastwood's character. I loved every moment where he faced the opposition, and it was really easy to get into the movie. He gives these looks that make it clear no one should even think of messing with him. What I love most about it is just the determination and fire in Eastwood's performance. The question is, who is this man who rides in on a pale horse, and why has he come in their most desperate time of need? The story is classic Hollywood fare, the little man standing up to the big mean corporation. Then a stranger rides into town and helps fight back. It is about a group of gold prospectors who are working a small plot of land while being terrorized by a larger corporation that wants to steal their claim. To be totally honest, I think this is the first Clint Eastwood Western I've every watched. There was a time in my life when I thought I hated Western movies, now I'm starting to think I just watched the wrong ones

Bryan K (br)

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Hugo G (it)

May 21, 2015~. This and Welcome to the Dollhouse have probably become two of my favorite and better surprises I've come across from the 90's that are dark comedies and portray very complete characters with excellent stories. Moreover, I really liked the tone of the movie and how much I enjoyed it, it really was a great comedy with great performances from Matthew Broderick, Reese Witherspoon and Chris Klein. The story was very entertaining and had a lot of energy, also the way if was told with different point of views and narratives really made it flow easily and very original. Not only did Alexander Payne did a fantastic job writing and directing it, but the performances were excellent as well. 4/10I really liked this movie, it was a complete surprise to me how much I enjoyed it. 9

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It's the beginning of the monster universe that is about dracula's origin. Was not a bad movie

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-). Cool. J algumas influncias pro Buuel. Renoir cido como nunca

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A good feel good couples movie. Amusing chemistry between to creative characters. Fun movie

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don't get it - doesn't audience want to see her in any other role? Or what?. . . well, she just happens to be my favorite MODERN actress. . . Good Girl was the only serious role I've seen her in, but I think she proved her versatility in Friends, and . . . I'd like to see Jennifer Aniston in a real GOOD role cause she clearly has what it takes, so I am sad to see she is stuck mainly in these "mediocre romantic comedies" where after some difficulties boy gets the girl

Simin E (au)

Thank you Amy Berg for making this film. A horrifying view into the most corrupted and disgusting inner workings of the Vatican and the catholic churches in America. Cried my eyes out and shouted out loud a numerous times watching this documentary. This is a heart wrenching experience

Tiffany V (au)

Not for kids, and the best sex scene I've seen in any movie, by far. Rauche does a great job and I'm always a fan of Cole and Middleditch did a wonderful job. I enjoyed it and found the promo shorts quite entertaining. It's not so much about gymnastics as it is about the part in all of us that wants to be something great. The mild cheesiness is acceptable and in line with the overall writing. Small town with no one being anything important except for the Bronze medalist. Being featured in Amhurst Ohio I feel says a lot about the feel of it. This one is a great 'awkward/ sweetness' kind of film. Lol