Bekleme odasi

Bekleme odasi

Zeki Demirkubuz plays the lead character Ahmet who wants to make a film about Dostoyevsky's 'Crime and Punishment'. He falls into a deep depression, loses interest in the film and life, ...

Zeki Demirkubuz plays the lead character Ahmet who wants to make a film about Dostoyevsky's 'Crime and Punishment'. He falls into a deep depression, loses interest in the film and life, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Chris M (de) wrote: excellent look at Brando both his life and career - from the ups to the downs

Emily T (kr) wrote: All time favorite movie. Not only is the story line so real in today's day and age, but the cinematography is beautiful. The way they utilize colors and provide enticing visuals make the movie that much more in depth. Characters were well developed and portrayed in an unusual and artistic way.

William F (de) wrote: Charming and boisterous.

Aline C (nl) wrote: D'autant plus talentueux lorsque l'on r (C)alise que c'est un premier film. Plein de grace.

Kenneth B (de) wrote: Candyman 2 is very much an unnecessary sequel, it is certainly a disappointing one. It runs through similar motions to the first film only it contains none of the ambiguity of the original. The genius of Candyman was the way it blurred the lines between the myth and the reality. It was much more enigmatic. Everything is spelled out in the second film. There is too much of the origin story of Robitaille. Sometimes a tragic figure is more tragic when we don't quite know his full story. Finally there are all together too many cheap kills and the false alarm scares early on are so frequent that it verges on ludicrous.

TonyPolito (gb) wrote: A stylish, enjoyable tale of French tragic romance and murder mystery from Leconte ... that has largely escaped notice.Living as an odd, anal-retentive (though well-dressed) middle-aged hermit, drier than an accountant in the Mohave, and given to creepy "Rear Window"-styled voyeurism of an attractive woman in his building (Bonnaire), Mr. Hire (Blanc) makes for the perfect suspect in the recent murder of a young girl in his neighborhood. The who-dun-it takes an even stranger turn when Bonnaire begins to readily cooperate with having Blanc as audience - and then even turns up as the uninvited flirt standing in Blanc's apartment. At which point the motives, strategies and fates of Bonnaire and Blanc's flirtations become the larger mystery. The viewer watches as both mysteries slowly unravel - and good causes for sympathy with Blanc emerge. There's a pretty clever twist or two on the way to fin. Oooh-la-la !!Blanc delivers a strong performance in his creation of both a distasteful and admirable character within this single role. Bonnaire is both competent and seductive. Almost 20 years-old and only DVD-released in 2007. Monsieur Hire is a remake of Duvivier's Panique (1948), a film not found in retail circulation. RECOMMENDATION: Especially for admirers of the French romance genre. But it's clever enough to entertain lovers of traditional who-dun-its as well.NB: If you liked the romantic content in this one, be sure to check out LeConte's excellent "The Hairdresser's Husband."

Dave S (fr) wrote: Would you believe that the movie about a cat who inherits millions of dollars and a baseball team suffers from having too much plot? Early on the film does well to stick to one of the lesser-used rules of comedy - feral cats are always funny - but by the time the pseudo-gangsters show up it's just one reel too many.

Nate T (fr) wrote: It runs like a Vaudeville show with a bunch of novelty acts mixed with comedians. The plot is so slight that at times the viewer may feel that it is non-existant. Still good clean fun though.

Isaac T (ag) wrote: Ok why did they fucking make this

Yvonne H (mx) wrote: one of the best star trek flims ever