Between February an May of 1970, Julio Bresane and Rogerio Sganzerla made 7 films fortheir company Belair that were forbidden by the Brazilian censorship that reveal today images of an unique freedom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Belair torrent reviews

Justin C (au) wrote: It had good moments but overall it was a waste of time to watch.

Taryn W (mx) wrote: Very cute movie. Lifetimey. I love it.

Don S (ca) wrote: Tom Selleck is wonderful in this role. The story is tightly plotted, as you would expect from an adaptation of Parker. The acting is good, and even though some of the themes are more adult, the atmosphere is light. Well done crime drama that keeps your interest and doesn't insult your intelligence.

lil crew (ru) wrote: i seen thse freaky movie

Sarah C (nl) wrote: Nat Tena is in this. So it's pwnage.

Alexander C (mx) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

Asif H (it) wrote: Too slow, boring and depressing for my liking.

John M (au) wrote: Keaton's nut-job is more than a little unsettling

Brian F (ag) wrote: A former OMNIMAX film that contains stunning time-lapse photography from around the world. I'm sure its best seen in 70mm on the big screen, but the HD-DVD is pretty darn good too.

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: There's a wonderful slo-motion naked fight involving the leading actress and about 30 enemies. That's the highlight of this uninteresting, annoying and plain unfunny movie. If you want good movies like this then watch Lady Snowblood,Shogun Assassin, The Street Fight or any other cheesy Kung Fu Movie. Besides the epic and famous naked fight within the first 20 minutes, this has nothing going for it.

Username V (it) wrote: El regreso de James Bond, y vuelve por todo lo alto. Un caso interesante, un diseo de produccin precioso, un Bond glamoroso como debe ser, una chica Bond fuerte, con objetivos, motivaciones, y personalidad propia, y logr mantenerme intrigado a pesar de ser un total analfabeta en lo que a juegos de apuestas se refiere.

jay n (es) wrote: A trifle overlong but involving film firmly guided by Minnelli, one of his best non musical films. Always a master of effective use of Technicolor that trait doesn't fail him here making the full use of various shades to sets the emotional tone of a scene. He makes the whole picture a feast for the eyes, even the swamps look gorgeous and the actors glow with individual beauty. Speaking of the actors, the four principal protagonists give some of the best performances of their careers, in Hamilton's case perhaps his all time best. In their only pairing Mitchum and Eleanor Parker spark off each other making you understand that under the great bitterness that now enfolds them there had to once be a great love at its root to breed so much strong an estrangement, its a pity they never were paired again. The two Georges as Mitchum's sons, one recognized the other illegitimate, make strong impressions which moved both of them forward in the Hollywood of the time. Peppard was the superior actor and has the more complex role which he finds many layers in but Hamilton handles the callow Theron very well, his years as an overly tan, rather oily dilettante has pretty much negated the memory of the promising young actor he once was. A solid entertainment with some elements of soap but really a story of how secrets and arrogance can fester and hurt more than just the people initially involved.

Andy P (nl) wrote: The physical sketches, as inventive as they are, don't quite stand up today for the most part and irritate more than they amuse, (with the exception of such sequences as the often imitated mirror routine) but the snide asides and stand up-esque one liners are as fresh and funny as they were in 1933, full of witty dialogue and keen observation.

Fong K (it) wrote: Perhaps to mimic Andy Warhol's awkward filmmaking, this supposedly biographical picture is very short of the brilliance to match the compelling performances from Guy Pearce and Sienna Miller who play respectively Andy Warhol and his muse, Edie Sedgwick.

Emod L (ca) wrote: 93%With pitch-black humor and devilish imagery, Temple of Doom is a fun and finely crafted sequel, even if the new characters aren't as memorable as in the first film.V: 74%

Morgan R (it) wrote: This is not good or even kinda good, but it is fascinating to watch. Directed and screen played by George Armitage the movie stars; Alec Baldwin, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Fred Ward. Armitage's screenplay concerns a psychopathic killer (Baldwin) who by the way, is able to form a meaningful relationship (Jason Leigh) and continue his psychopathic ways. Ward plays a detective on Baldwin's trail. When he gets too close Baldwin beats the living crap out of him and takes his badge, gun and false teeth. The fascinating aspects of this movie is the acting of Baldwin and Ward. The script is silly yet their acting morphs the screenplay into a comedy/drama which I suspect Armitage wrote as a serious character study about a guiltless killer in love. Other reviews put this in the 'Thriller' category, but I created my own, 'Comedy/Drama' (Whimsical). If you have 1 hour and 37 minutes to spare it may be worth a rental price or you can catch it on TV sometime.

Cody W (br) wrote: Was not too bad. The start was boring but the ending was pretty neat. Very different twist on the Tooth Fairy.