A has-been boxing champion «who could have been great», probing, and soul revealing.

Interview with a has-been boxing champion «who could have been great», probing, and soul revealing. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy B (kr) wrote: I love Celine! She is the best singer in the world and an awesome person. Great show!

Bryan C (ru) wrote: Two stars for each of Alyssa Milano's boobs.

Will D (es) wrote: This Movie is all around amazing James woods and Brian Dennehy are awesome. Its an all around great thriller.

John D (gb) wrote: Now first of all, I have to say this is more of a "call of duty like" in terms of presentation (if you are a video game fan you know what I mean). I thought the first half was as generic as it could get though I'm a bit surprised bout the whole army action thing presentation. It really gets me up, especially when the action heats up. I thought the pacing was very well made. I never get bored when these actors know what they are doing (even as a terrorist or a soldier). With all the hype and criticism that this film gets, it is a well made action flick that reminds us how these spec ops are a big part of our nation. A good flick with no alcohol required.

Eric H (br) wrote: "Arabesque" is one of those 60's films that mixes political intrigue with tongue-in-check humor that benefits from a stellar cast, featuring Oscar winners Gregory Peck and Sophia Loren. Peck plays a college professor whose talents in deciphering hieroglyphics is needed by an Arabian businessman (Alan Badel) with sinister motives for his homeland.Loren plays Badel's "kept woman" but is hiding her involvement in her benefactor's doings. Her character uses her womanly wiles to encourage Peck's stiff-as-nails professor to "loosen up" somewhat and decode the cipher.Both Peck and Loren play off each other well, equally balancing sexual tension with distrust. Badel exhibits the characteristics of the perfect 60's villain: smooth, devious, and cunning. He would fit perfectly in a Bond film, ranking up there with Blofeld or Goldfinger in the dastardly department.Praise can also be given to Maurice Binder, who contributed the Bond-like opening credits, along with Oscar-winning composer Henry Mancini who composed a thrilling yet playful score.

Nathanial R (nl) wrote: F-(Terrible Movie)

Logan M (de) wrote: I've been watching this movie since I was 3 it is awesome