Belas e Corrompidas

Belas e Corrompidas

Mentally disturbed woman always ends up killing her lovers.

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Joan O (gb) wrote: I thought it was well-acted. I also felt it was much MORE effective because Wilkinson's character was NOT "prettier" after his reassignment.

Michael R (fr) wrote: Saurus likes these I know

bruno m (br) wrote: great film.though it dragged on too much in the second half

John W (it) wrote: This was one of those movies that I grew up with that upon returning to I worried might lessen in my eyes. But to my great thanks it held up quite well in my eyes. For a film that doesn't even hit two hours in length it contains a surprising amount of story. With our central protagonist Bowen before our eyes gong from honorable knight, to vindictive dragon slayer, to self-serving conman, to befriending his enemy Drago, and ultimately reclaiming his former self by leading a revolution against the tyrant ruling his homeland. And it all flows together pretty well, with us having a decent understanding of each of his shifts.

Ken S (es) wrote: Robert Rodriguez ups the ante in terms of budget, action, story, and effects with "Desperado," a sequel to "El Mariachi" which replaces original lead actor Carlos Gallardo with Antonio Banderas, though Gallardo does have a minor role here. Banderas is more of a badass than Gallardo's version of the character, but it can be supposed that he has been in the action hero game longer than Gallardo's earlier counterpart (who really just fell into the situation). This is a fun action thriller with top notch stunts and action, and is in many ways better than its rougher predecessor. It helped Banderas get his career going and brought Salma Hayak into the would be hard to complain about that. Fun movie, possibly better than the first, definitely recommended.

Darren D (mx) wrote: Great action and drama from Dolph.

Burt U (ag) wrote: it's jolly good and I'm not just saying that because john bought it for me for my birthday.

James B (gb) wrote: This is an alright movie. I don't remember seeing it back in '92 when it came out, but it's a pretty good family movie. Jon Lovitz does a good job portraying the evil emperor.

Lord N (ag) wrote: Oh yeah this film rocks. one of the funniest films I've ever seen. I loved the ending. it is one of the most brilliant endings i have ever seen. the story of the bombing of london through the eyes of a child is a fresh new perspective. that perspective came through in the humor too. just the childlike humor is one of the things that makes this film so lovable. brilliant, perfect, funny. I loved this film. it had a good story and the jokes were excellent. yeah brilliant.

Chris Q (ru) wrote: Did not age well.. The homophobic jokes would not go over well today!

Matthew J (us) wrote: An interesting character study. Sometimes it is the simplest premise that produces the most fascinating results.

Patrick C (it) wrote: Taking into account that this is a low budget starter film then it isn't all bad. The direction is decent but the writing was pretty abyssmal. Full of cliche dialogue one has to endure: "You know the nice thing about it being so quiet out here? There is no one to hear you scream!" Acting was mostly carried off without any type of sincereity and was completely flat while lines we delivered as if the actors had no idea how it fit into the story. Sets were decent and scenery was nice and the sound editing was very sharp. One especially painful piece was the generic and repetitive piano music that played throughout the entire film. Okay for watching if you have low expectaitons and don't mind dodging plot holes.