Belaya strela

Belaya strela


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:Russian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:color in title,  

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Belaya strela torrent reviews

Charles G (ag) wrote: Moving and well done.

Mayank A (ru) wrote: More of a Japanese animation then Marvel's Iron Man and that was the good part. The Voice Over was average and the storytelling/plot was horrible. The CG effects were cool but dark, expected it to be more colorful for Tony Stark. Also the fight sequences were very confusing. The only part i enjoyed in the whole movie was the Bad Ass Punisher.

Niklas S (br) wrote: Love the prison genre and this is a new and great edition to that small bundle of films.

Carlos M (de) wrote: This truly riveting and important political thriller exposes without any concessions a horrendous episode in History that has been kept in silence for a long time, and it is always fluid in the way it shows us what happened to Roger East in parallel with the tragic fate of the Balibo Five.

Jamile S (es) wrote: was decent was expecting more but it was somewhat satisfying

Pavandeep S (gb) wrote: I watched this movie way back without realising this was by the Yimou himself. It was an impressive and touching film. It really is a film that takes time to enjoy and its ramifications are always at the end. a moral tale and a beautiful one too.Watched this again. Heart-warming and striking film that displays the massive changes happening in China during that period. The blow-out of globalization and capitalism and the ensuing vulgarity and misery for some is wonderfully displayed in this film.

Denise A (ru) wrote: I really like this movie. Love the 80's theme.

Galvy F (au) wrote: When we have life at our disposal, we are able have things just the way we like it. When sometimes we just need to get knocked out of our senses, to realize how much we are pain in the ass. We have a particular routine, place, ritual, superstition and way of talking. We expect things to be at our disposal any place any time. Able to say, do anything as we want, because it is a free country. A despicable human being, no sense of understanding love, whose profession is to write and express in books but can't do so in regular society. This regard we have of humanity, others see it different from others. A human being whom likes it his way and everyone else has to conform to that accomodation, rather them himself to others. We given in to this demand, with no judgment, because it's easier, it really is minor unless they push our buttons, and sometimes we just don't see it coming. When we have life at our disposal, to have life and see life the way we intended to. When we have no bark to our bite, and just a literary full of words and phrases. When we don't like it as much as anyone else, we live with it. It's far what we expected, far what we are used to and far from how we like it. We look at the bright side of life. And some sides we just can't bare to look at, when it is too bad. Sometimes the problem is the way we look at things, and can't see. When we don't see what ground we break in an instant, that we have this new perspective of life we never once saw and had. We are being seen through new eyes and perspective. When all we had to do it take control of the situation and have things easily follow as planned, better then expected, too good to be true. it's disturbing for others whom know you and refreshing for those whom dont.

Cody C (it) wrote: Brilliant little revenge fantasy. The kid is ridiculously good. And the intro is godly. Check it out. It's best not to know too much about it going in.

Brett C (ca) wrote: When I sat on my couch and the film's opening credits has started, i thought this film would be a thriller-drama but instead it is a drama based with a splash of comedy on it. This film has its good elements and bad elements, I'm going to start with the bad.The second half of this film feels so underwhelming as a finale and conclusion, I understand that the film's third act is meant to explore a little more on Edward's place in the world that he is placed in but it is done with such haste that the audience could just end up not caring or at least forgetting to care. The ending of this film is just so underwhelming and predictable that I stared at the screen for three minutes blankly and passively watching the credits go by in frustration. Burton has created quite a world with such imagery that he could not put that creativity on producing a strong and emotional climax. Another thing that I didn't care much for this film was the relationship between Kim (Winona Ryder) and Edward (Johnny Depp). To me, the dialogue and acting Ryder brings when it is just Edward and Kim was poor. She didn't bring a sense of care towards Edward and at the final scene, she didn't bring that urgency that the situation needed. Also,The death of Anthony Michael Hall's character was too predictable.Now I'm going to discuss the things that worked in this film. Tim Burton did an amazing job of creating a colorful neighborhood, full of color and life. What Burton has done here with the imagery is to show you a neighborhood with colors that give off a feeling of warmth and welcome and at the same time giving you a glimpse of the characters and personalities living in these houses. The people in these houses are mean and very self-involved. Throughout the film, I started to hate the citizens that occupied the neighborhood, which in my opinion is great because that is the reaction Burton wants from the audience, you are not meant to side with these people even if they are just doing what is right for their community. I think Burton did a wonderful job with the way Edward looks and interacts with the community, throughout the film Burton shows the damage that the 'scissorhands' has brought to the community and also the beauty it creates, shown through the trimming and carving of magnificent shapes from hedges and ice sculptures. Burton really explored the themes of belonging and morality. Throughout the film Edward feels like a fish out of water and is shown through the minimal dialogue that Depp brings and the artistic vision that Burton creates around Edward Scissorhands. Although I didn't really feel the connection between Kim and Edward, I did feel it strongly with Kim's mother, Peg (Dianne Wiest). She was there for Edward since the beginning and not once she has doubted or felt any sort of negativity towards him. Edward's care for her is shown through the occasional smiles he gives towards her and the way he treats her delicately, shown in Peg's first haircut. The whole acting crew did well in playing their roles, Ryder was not too bad in the first half of the film when he had no love-like feelings for Edward and Anthony Michael Hall played excellent as the antagonist that personally is against Edward's existence, it's just a pity that he had to die in such a predictable and boring way.All in all, this film has more positives than negatives but the difference between the two is very slim. This is a film I can see myself go back to on a rainy day when you just want to watch something while being cosy in your bed or this is something people can choose to study for a film report of some kind as the themes are not too complicated to analyse.

Danny R (it) wrote: Murray stars in this dark comedy about a guy dressed as a clown, who along with his accomplices (his girlfriend and a longtime buddy) rob a bank but cannot seem to escape New York City as they face several mishaps on their way to the airport. Murray shines as the likable but selfish leader and Jason Robards gives a career performance as the detective hell bent on arresting Murray and his crew before they can make their escape.

David L (fr) wrote: I wish I could watch every movie ever made but I sadly don't have the time. I'm not interested in this movie because I don't think I'll like it or don't know enough about it to think I might like it. I may still end up seeing it some day though.

Ian E (es) wrote: Big Eyes is a biopic that manages to provoke social commentary thoughts on gender and public opinion while showcasing an engaging story by staying focused on its narrative and showcasing a strong performance by Amy Adams.

Seneca D (ru) wrote: Hell of an action packed ass kicking movie

Jack S (gb) wrote: Very cool! Definitely worth the watch!

Nicholas L (de) wrote: Its predecessor focused on the Judi Dench's character while this one is told from Maggie Smith's point of view. The general message of this movie is that time is precious and we must not waste it. Dev Patel's character is so irritating that it seems unreal. Having Richard Gere adds nothing to the plate because this movie is just a snack.

Knox M (jp) wrote: A visually stunning movie, Tron is a technological breakthrough.