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Inga H (ru) wrote: Lacking a point but well acted

Tomas T (au) wrote: Wisegal was a positive suprise, I do not expect great things when Alyssa Milano is featured but the movie was nice change for the so serious and stereotypical Mob movie genre. Wisegal is a mix of drama and mild comedy and the mixture rate is just perfect. You do not take the movie too seriously but it does not go overboard with the more humorous scenes.

Sanj 7 (nl) wrote: i didn't want the ending to be the ending

Andy P (br) wrote: Predictable plotting can be easily excused for Martin Compston's terrific performance and sensitive direction from Ken Loach in this bleak and relentless coming of age crime drama.

Phillip S (us) wrote: This was a very moving film, with one amazingly unexpected quote from bacon. you'll know what im talking about.

M H (jp) wrote: This was not as bad as I thought it would be. Still, the narm charm of the B-movie wasn't enough to make it good, just a guilty pleasure.

Al L (fr) wrote: not as good as the first...but still a watch!

Denise A (us) wrote: A really funny movie. Could not stop laughing!

Phillip D (fr) wrote: Caddyshack is a shotgun shell of comedy but it produces some of the most iconic moments of recent film history and a great and critiquing portrait of 60s-70s white, upper class culture. The result in endlessly watchable and continuously relevant.

marco r (gb) wrote: Awesome Movie gotta recomend it to everyone

Indira S (mx) wrote: that too predictable movie. u can watch it for fun only

Chad D (us) wrote: Men of Honor may not be anything new, but does better than most in its genre of presenting a inspirational tale. Robert de Niro does his usual amazing performance, and Cuba Gooding Jr does his best work since Jerry Maguire in a film that will make you cheer.

Emiley A (it) wrote: it was cute and funny