Belle al bar

Belle al bar

Leo has a marriage crisis. Fortunately he has to go to another town for work. In the new town he's followed by a mysterious person. One day he has collapses and gets first aid from the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Francisco L (br) wrote: A little predictable and with some cliches, but with a good and funny cast and good songs.

Jenny D (es) wrote: Gorgeous heartbreaking film. One of the first "artistic" films I've loved.

Jonathan P (ca) wrote: I imagine most people have been in a position of hopelessness. And I imagine many have also given up on trying to fight back from a position of hopelessness. For these reasons and more Henry Poole is a good story because it really touches on these issues and those of intervention and redemption. Good cast. One of Luke Wilson's best performances.

Calvin W (ru) wrote: This was an incredible movie. At the last minutes it got caught upin symbolism which made it weaker, and was the only thing keeping it from the 5 star, but theres only 5 weak minutes. A Excillent Movie!

Brett H (it) wrote: Absolute garbage that takes too long to get to the kills and they're about as convincing as a tv-movie.

Nicole M (ag) wrote: A surprisingly enjoyable euro road trip that ought to put a grin on your face.

Steve G (mx) wrote: A very well told story. Excellent sports film, promoting solid values. Great stuff.

Allen D (br) wrote: this movie is pretty good~~~'(TM)