Belle And Sebastian

Belle And Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian is set high in the snowy Alps during the Second World War. The resourceful Sebastian is a lonely boy who tames and befriends a giant, wild mountain dog, Belle – even though the villagers believe her to be ‘the beast’ that has been killing their sheep.

“Belle And Sebastien” is an emotional movie about the love between a orphaned boy and a wild dog in mountainous area Alpes. Sebastian is an orphan boy with a wandering life. He is nurtured and taken care of by an old man named César. One day, the boy protects a dog which is considered a beast for all hunters in village and is hunted fiercely. He becomes friend with wild dog and be intimate with it. They love each other and protect each other. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon J (gb) wrote: 9/10 LOVED IT! Some may find this too slow a burn at first but once itgets started Abattoir is a unique and enjoyable experience. I likedthis movie for a few reasons. One of them being that the directordidn't try to copy anyone in his attempts at crossing genres whilecombining themes from decades all throughout the 20th century untiltoday. If you're a true film lover and have the patience to let thisfilm get going, the second and third act and especially the end willcertainly be worth it. This movie delivers an original, refreshing ideanot yet scene in the mystery/thriller/horror genre(s). With the levelof visual quality and production value overall t looks like this moviewas made for $10M. Can't wait for the sequel.

Panos M (it) wrote: A dark tale about how the suburban dream can turn into a nightmare...The final scene can haunt you for a long long time...

Al M (us) wrote: Part Home Alone and part Straw Dogs, The Aggression Scale is a hyper-violent film about a family who has just moved to a new house only to find they are being targeted by gangsters who have been ordered to brutally murder and retrieve money from every individual on a list provided by their boss (Ray Wise of Twin Peaks fame). But the family's adolescent son has been diagnosed with hyper-aggressive tendencies and doesn't take kindly to the home invasion. Not exactly an action or horror film, The Aggression Scale melds elements of both. Alternately funny, brutal, and tense, The Aggression Scale doesn't quite achieve the heights that it might have, but it remains and enjoyably original film nonetheless.

Bhairavi S (us) wrote: Very good movie! Has an equal mix of comedy and stirring moments

Amy J (ru) wrote: One of my all time favorite films!

Stephen W H (ag) wrote: This is a magnificent movie that deserves an award let alone a higher rating. At least the audience score got closer to what this movie deserves. That's probably because it's not an action movie. But for real what you watch a movie for it has it. Great story.....Really well acted. The world should follow the example set here.

Kenneth H (us) wrote: Really touching and enlightening.

Larry W (ru) wrote: This film is bad. I mean, make you angry bad. The plot is obsurd, and the only thing more disconnected from the plot are the characters. The protagonist doesn't seem to understand the gravity of her situation and may be just as crazy as her stalker villain boyfriend.

Addie M (ru) wrote: I love this and it is a christmas classic with me.

Pavandeep S (br) wrote: The images are absolutely delightful. I was immediately blown away by the startling clarity and the rich layers of the colour, which really added to the dimension of this story, where erotica and disorder blend into one synchronized track and where everyone is unable to get what he wants, resulting in a tragedy proportionate to the Greek's tales.

Michael L (nl) wrote: this was a pretty good movie. i think that the strength of it lies mainly in miranda richardson and a young rupert everett. other than that, its a good movie with a decent story. not entirely unremarkable but not anything to go wild over

David M (gb) wrote: Wow. New York was like a different planet back then.

Marat P (kr) wrote: The story and the directing are quite pedestrian, and it didn't age very well. Still, spagetti westerns are a very cool genre.

Derek J (au) wrote: Gets the dime-novel Faulkner right.

Allan C (it) wrote: This is the second of an uncompleted "Strange Trilogy," the first of which was the also entertaining and underrated "Strange Behavior". A complete throwback to films sci-fi film of the 1950s like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", this film tells the story of an isolated town who newcomers Paul Le Mat and Nancy Allen find their behavior rather peculiar. From there, the film takes some fun and outrageous turns. Directed by Michael Laughlin and written by Bill Condon, who would later go onto write and direct much classier of films like "Kinsey" and "Gods and Monsters". Lousice Fletcher, Wallace Shawn and June Lockhart also appear.