Belle da morire 2

Belle da morire 2

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Cavan T (kr) wrote: Makes a mess of itself by failing to break any new ground -- the only thing Levin manages to show is that there's a lot of hateful people in the world, but that's hardly news. Still, it passes the entertainment test, just because the things that come out of these people's mouths are so absurd.

FilmGrinder S (nl) wrote: Sure it's not as good as the book, but still worth a veiw.

Joel P (au) wrote: Visually spectacular and full of memorable scenes, this film is an underrated Aussie classic.

Jeffrey P (nl) wrote: While boasting an impressive cast - Paul "American Graffiti" LeMat, Nancy "Robocop" Allen, Wallace "My Dinner With Andre" Shawn, Louise "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" Fletcher, Michael "Barton Fink" Lerner, June "Lost In Space" Lockhart and Kenneth "The Thing" Tobey - "Strange Invaders" never rises much above an affectionate but thinly-stretched tribute to 50s B-grade Sci-Fi. Unusual in that it focuses on the offspring of aliens and humans.

Rainer P (it) wrote: Very low-budget, this movie is more a time-document about the stereotypic construction of women than a shocking horrorflick.

scott g (fr) wrote: a interesting drama set in iran during a turbelant time during the 50s, and four womens lives looked at, and how the four are connected through a location they all find in some way, well told in parts and the setting set during the days of the shaw, and there dispute with the british goverment blockadeing there oil, fits well together and adds to the lives of the charactors, also good at showing how iran is male dominated, and women not having the rights others do

Matt C (nl) wrote: Could of been much better movie very wired and bizarre

Dylan Y (it) wrote: I only really want to see this because Cate Blanchett is in it.