Belle Starr's Daughter

Belle Starr's Daughter

The daughter of famous outlaw Belle Starr arrives at the town where her mother was murdered to find her killer.

The daughter of famous outlaw Belle Starr arrives at the town where her mother was murdered to find her killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robbie L (it) wrote: interesting to say the least

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Nik M (ru) wrote: Not as strong as Part One, but then the story is now less determined and more ethereal. The growing weight of evidence against the guilt of the boys is clear, but the time spent apparently trying to implicate Byers makes for slightly uneasy viewing. I guess knowledge of the ultimate result of all these shenanigans dilutes the full impact of these films, and seeing them at the time must have been a hugely impactful (??) experience

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WS W (br) wrote: Like [Head On], tragic stories about social outcast- Turks immigrants in Germany, homosexual, transvestites, hustler. It surely looked stereotyped & cheesy sometimes but sorta neat & decent overall.

Jeff A (jp) wrote: Laid-back and very easygoing, not to mention an improvement over the anemic, unfunny "Major League II"....Scott Bakula's performance and Bob Uecker's priceless quips are the real standouts here!All in all, okay for what it is!

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Alex T (it) wrote: This was the first Godzilla film I ever saw. I watched it when I was about three and at the time I didn't realize what a favor my dad was doing me by fast-forwarding through the parts that were not fights between giant monsters. I re-watched it for the first time at 19 and it is appallingly bad.

Art S (ag) wrote: Exceptionally gripping prison drama directed by Jules Dassin and featuring a large cast of bit players,some of whom (like Dassin) would go on to be black-listed a couple years later. The film does show the prison's inhumanity to man (and Hume Cronyn plays the stereotypic Wagner-loving petty tyrant to perfection) but the social message doesn't overwhelm the action, which builds to a violent climax. Raw! Rough! Ruthless!

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Matt C (ag) wrote: Tries to go for one Meta gag about knowing it's a crappy sequel and flogs to death that mildly amusing joke for the next 2 hours. Avoid.

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