Belles, blondes et bronzées

Belles, blondes et bronzées


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Belles, blondes et bronzées torrent reviews

Klee s (br) wrote: mountain boarding looks fun

Angela B (kr) wrote: V. Good Van Damme movie!

Matthew J (ca) wrote: This unfunny , bland , badly acted comedy is just about the worst thing a good actor can do for money. Alto it is amusing at moments it features far too often used points that are supposed to run a story and set a message. Only good thing of the movie is Anthony Hopkins , who gets a sadly small role but manages to rise the movie above being the worst movie ever made.

Michael O (ag) wrote: Former UFC fighter Taktarov gives a solid performance as Russian thug in this frenetic, unrealistic De Niro dud of a film warning against social media.

Matthew F (br) wrote: Very funny, this film has all the things that make it an Alan Alda film. It is a film filled with good humour, romance, sex and the frustation seeing something you worked on for so long destroyed by Hollywood.

Dean P (au) wrote: Between "I know who killed me" and this, I don't know which horrible movie I love to watch more. Nothing about this movie is accurate, but it's okay because "that's hip-hop". Best part of the movie is his commercial that he makes on the way to the club.Thank you Adrian and Isaiah for getting me hip.

Scott H (ru) wrote: I hate movies by Robert Altman, I hate movies with no point, I hate movies with no plot, I hate movies with bad acting, I hate movies who have annoying scores, I hated this movie because it had all of those things :)

Greg W (jp) wrote: I liked the concept or idea of this 1 better than it's execution.