A woman from the low class desperately tries to get her daughter into the movies.

A woman from the low class desperately tries to get her daughter into the movies. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (us) wrote: Solid fluff piece, luckily Shep Gordon is truly pretty interesting.

Thomas S (ru) wrote: Le Week-end is a story for the mature at heart. There's not a cliched storyline, nor do the characters swing from being incredibly happy to incredibly sad and back again. This film is simply a snapshot of a weekend with a couple that must deal with complications that every relationship has every now and then. From this perspective, and with this cast, it feels very honest and genuine, ultimately ending in a sweet and satisfying note.

David B (ru) wrote: Kasey Barnfield topless is the only good thing about this gabage

Greg W (gb) wrote: gr8 flixter another lost review!!!

Leonard D (es) wrote: Felt mostly girly, but it's a sequel that surpasses the original, none the less!

Isiidora E (kr) wrote: horror movie? yeah sure.. its not even scary, and the djinn face makes it even worse. it reminded me of the crappy monster of boogeyman.

amat P (mx) wrote: gila aahhhhh.. ammaaa

Kevin G (ca) wrote: Oh my, this was a bad film.

Patrick C (ru) wrote: It's "meet the Feebles" meets Casablanca. This movie will break your brain.

Alec L (ru) wrote: Solid and funny romantic rated r comedy

Craig W (gb) wrote: I wanted more from this I really did, it's a good old 80s flick back when the brilliant Busey wasn't a joke and it's a revenge movie which are among my favourite films but it was pretty hammy in places.It does use the awesome song (a bit too much) and like I said Busey was cool but to be honest his home was raided by bikers who killed his wife in front of his infant daughter who in turn became somewhat catatonic, he didn't actually seem that angry. If this was done today it'd be a bloodbath movie, yeah he kills a few of them but damn surely you'd be angrier than he was! There wasn't even a scene where he broke down or cried etc it was pretty emotionless. Maybe that was the point, he was an ex con and a Vietnam vet so maybe he'd become a bit jaded I don't know but seriously you'd be angrier. I was hoping to see more of his Tony Montana style cell mate but sadly we on;y see him at the start.

Dillon L (mx) wrote: an ok movie a lot od nudity though which is awesome very cheap movie

Frances H (br) wrote: Fun sword and sorcery, full of big special effects flick-worth a watch, if not indelibly memorable. Obviously the end tried to set up for a sequel, but the box office didn't rate one.