Belorusskiy vokzal

Belorusskiy vokzal

A sympathetic, emotionally persuasive drama describing the friendship of four World War II veterans, their sudden reunion after 25 years and the subsequent effect of this occasion upon ...

The heroes of the movie last seen each other on the Belarusian railway station in the summer of 1945. A quarter-century, they meet at the funeral of comrade. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bruno V (mx) wrote: Well , seen Colin Hanks getting better by the movie , didn't know Tom Hanks helpt producing it ...Found it very interesting and didn't know that something happening like that made such an impact on all the people involved...Learn't somethings again !

Premyslaw S (au) wrote: If you like Almodovar strong women comedy/drama you will like this movie. Good acting, good script ( sometimes a bit cheesie but digestable ) Good movie to have fun and forget about life for a moment

David C (nl) wrote: Superb in every way. It's one of those few films which is so well shot that every frame would make for an awesome poster and that's why i find it so likable and this is without even mentioning the moving story and exceptional acting.

Michael B (ag) wrote: Interesting take on loyalty.

Andrew B (de) wrote: i didn't mean to click this, i can't unclick it

Jonathan A (ca) wrote: Well... it's got a great cameo from QT.

Benjamin W (br) wrote: For being 10 times the amount of money I would normally spend on a movie, I had hoped that this would be worth it. As per my previous stance on 3-D, I was hesitant on going to this film when it first came out. However, since I did some reading up on what forces went on behind this film, I decided to give the 3-D experience a try. What an experience it was! I can see why the film industry was really pushing for more movies to be in 3-D because it is spectacular. The glasses weren't uncomfortable, and if you took them off for a second, it wasn't a terrible color-shifted image, it was just slightly blurry. Although, one thing that 3-D cinema is going to have to fix is to have more things in focus. You can't rely on previous film-making techniques here.At any rate, if you can get over the blatantly anti-corporation and anti-military message, it's really quite a good movie and should be seen due at least to the fact that this is the reason James Cameron got into making movies in the first place. We can all blame him for ripping off Dances with Wolves (1990) or Pocahontas (1995) but if you can get past that, there's a great movie here, regardless.What really stands out with this film is its visuals. Despite the amount of CGI used to create the fictional world of Pandora, it's incredibly difficult to tell what is CGI and what is merely a human in front of a green screen. Just by the strength of these visuals alone, this film should be viewed by movie aficionados. Not only was the 3-D technology used to film it revolutionary, but the facial mapping techniques really helped bring these actors to life in their blue, alien bodies.A stunning visual treat that has yet to be matched, I give Avatar 4.5 stars out of 5.

Anita L (au) wrote: Very strange but pleasant!

Jack H (mx) wrote: A heartwarming story scripted quite brilliantly with an amazing performance by Robin Williams. This film will put you through an emotional rollercoaster filled with laughter, crying, and immense joy. Though extremely inaccurate to the actual story of Patch Adams and more of a fiction film borrowing a name and the idea of something that truly happened, the screenplay, acting, and entire movie will have you thinking about the film for hours, days, weeks, and even months. Every moment will entertain you and pull your full attention.

KY (gb) wrote: I want to own this movie!! ahhhh

kybomb (au) wrote: Digital copyDigital c

Craig C (fr) wrote: Glorious, opulent, gorgeously scored, directed and designed, this film is a timeless masterpiece that improves upon its source material with superb performances and masterful storytelling.