Beloved Love

Beloved Love

Trajkovic family are bridge builders. Being forced to move every once in a while, the bridges are everything but pleasant thing for 17 year old Budimir, who is unable to make any permanent ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1977
  • Language:Serbo-Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:female nudity,   aunt,   love,  

Trajkovic family are bridge builders. Being forced to move every once in a while, the bridges are everything but pleasant thing for 17 year old Budimir, who is unable to make any permanent ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Patrick M (ag) wrote: Good movie with some pretty good actors like William H. Macy, Thomas Kretschmann, and Til Schweiger the film is a pretty good world war two sub movie. There is some good suspense and action but I was expecting a little bit more. Great performances by Thomas Kretschmann, and Til Schweiger. Good movie.

Grant S (de) wrote: A good, albeit idealistic and naive, idea, very badly executed.The idea - do good things for others and the world becomes a better place - was a nice one. A touch idealistic and naive, but sentiments to live by, at least.However, everything else about the movie is ridiculously bad. The plot ends up very syrupy, manipulative and predictable. Cringeworthily trite.The characters are quite difficult to like: the irritating, whiny yet do-gooder kid (played by Haley Joel Osment), the smug, aloof, pretentious teacher (played by Kevin Spacey). The mom, played by Helen Hunt, was about the only real and believable character in the movie.The more you get into the movie, the more irritating it becomes. Having made its point early, it just seems to be marking time for the remainder of its two hours. Final straw was when the kid's father turned out to be Jon Bon Jovi... Seemed like he was only there for the audience reaction.The ending just seemed silly too, and went a long way to contradicting the central theme.Hard to like the performances, as the characters weren't that likeable. Helen Hunt was solid in her role (and looked pretty good too...). I guess Kevin Spacey did as he was directed for his performance, it was just the character was irritating. Same for Haley Joel Osment.

Zack B (ru) wrote: Another bad sequel to Major league. They try and bring back characters from the first two, but all of them are the secondary characters we don't enjoy as much. A little better than the second in part because it has a different, and semi-interesting plot. Liked the way they did it rather than just having another baseball season for the Indians. Pacing in this is horrible, and it is extremely not funny.

Nicole M (gb) wrote: A clasic horror movie coming out of the 80's.

Deacy S (mx) wrote: The idea of 'incubus' from where each soul eager to skip is quite original yet too simple. Tara Reid performs well, I must say. And the remaining cast just did it right..if that's possible to say.

Alex B (it) wrote: Charming, and disgusting. A classic tale of western imperialists in a foreign land. So, a matter of might makes right, and divide and conquer/rule. Caesar teaches Cleopatra (to rule), but then, just when it appears that Cleopatra is turning the tables and starting to teach Caesar, the proceedings are abruptly brought to an end. War may be more manly than palace/court intrigue/assassination, but it's not "better". The most disturbing act of violence by far in this film is the silent, unseen throat-slitting of Cleopatra's nurse, treated perfunctorily, made light of.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: Alan Rickman and Morgan Freeman make this worth watching.