"Belovy (the Belovs)" is a breathtaking portrait of a troubled peasant family. It's poetry in the form of a documentary that won many prizes. Beautifully shot in vintage black and white, ...

"Belovy (the Belovs)" is a breathtaking portrait of a troubled peasant family. It's poetry in the form of a documentary that won many prizes. Beautifully shot in vintage black and white, the film tells the story of two times widow Anna Belova who lives together with her brother Mikhail. Blending the two personalities, Kosakovsky characterizes the true Russian soul: she is the rational worker, honest and strong - he is the drunken poet, the idealist, his philosophy fades into radical nonsense time after time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Panta O (de) wrote: The latest instalment of the franchise produced by Aurelio De Laurentiis has some heavy weights acting names in it. The two previous "Manual of Love" films opened in 2005 and 2007 and scored a combined $45 million at the Italian box offices. I don't know the financial details of the last one but it likely did even better thanks to Robert De Niro, whose role is partly spoken in Italian, and plays a divorced American professor living in Rome in one of the "chapters" of "Manual of Love 3." All three films have been directed by Giovanni Veronesi. I think that Manual 3 made it to the US, unlike the other two, maybe because of the striptease scene between De Niro and Monica, who plays the love interest of Robert De Niro's character. The politically-incorrect humour, lots of corny plots, enjoyable nonsensical results - it is all there - in a film that critics love to hate and audiences love to love. The stories are mostly set in Rome, divided by age group: In the first part, "Youth," Roberto (Riccardo Scamarcio) tells us he has only two dreams: to become a hotshot lawyer and marry his true love and fiance, Sara (Valeria Solarino); in "Maturity," an arrogant newscaster (Carlo Verdone), who's been happily married for 25 years, has a fling with a woman (Donatella Finocchiaro) who turns out to be a stalker and ruins his life; and in "Beyond," the third segment, is De Niro surprised to find himself falling in love once again so late in life - it helps to know that the object of his affections is Monica Bellucci, who plays his doorman's (Michele Placido) stripper daughter. Lightweight movie with heavyweight cast (Robert De Niro, Monica Bellucci, Carlo Verdone, Riccardo Scamarcio, Michele Placido, Laura Chiatti, Donatella Finocchiaro, Valeria Solarino, Emanuele Propizio) - not a bad combination if you don't mind some cheap shots and foul language.

Bobby W (it) wrote: Perhaps I am a sucker for all that is sentimental, or maybe it's my unabashed love for J.K. Simmons, but I loved this movie. Like...really loved it. Such a wonderful expose on the power of music.

Walter M (br) wrote: To be honest, I was disappointed that the documentary "Tales from the Script" had less to do with the art of screenwriting than in oft-told tales of how to survive as a writer in Hollywood, especially in this day and age of blockbusters and franchises. Basically, the screenwriters testify(with a wide variety from the best to the worst) how this came about due to Hollywood films being a collaborative art form but one where the screenwriters have little say in the finished product after input from actors, producers, directors and caterers.(But wouldn't "The Social Network" prove this line of thinking wrong?) Most of this interference is viewed as negative while some is actually kind of helpful. Where the documentary goes wrong is in taking an anecdotal approach instead of an academic one to investigate the script changes which is what Harlan Ellison has done elsewhere for decades for his television scripts. Because how else are we to honestly judge if the scripts are any good in the first place? For example, you can see how much better "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" is on television where Joss Whedon had more control of his creation, than as a movie. Plus, it would have been nice to have some directors and producers on hand to either counter or agree with the writers. And if you're going to reference movies about Hollywood writers, how could you leave out "The Player?"

Alexander C (fr) wrote: Not a mr kipling advert, a film, romantic. I see Morgan Freeman didnt do well on the dating though,. I see the other columns have two heads. But looks like a mass Love Actually style serial storylined romance. Phew! Sounds hard work describing this lil baby. Probably aload of rubbish but might be really good. Will see.

Brad S (fr) wrote: I really didn't like this one, which is unfortunate as I love the original film "Mostly Martha". This really was an unnecessary remake, and everything feels forced. I like all the actors involved, but they just don't click, there's no real chemistry. Skip this one and go for the original!

Rachel B (br) wrote: Okay but I seriously could have done without the real-time goat giving birth scene.

Edgar C (nl) wrote: A beautiful work to look at, lost amidst the cinematic desert, which is a combination between Teshigahara and Tarkovsky, with less cinematic and metaphysical impact but with an hypnotic world that has the power to capture your body and make you stay permanently. Open you eyes and be cautious, because generations pass in the blink of an eye and the hearts of these "women in the dunes" are reflected by the same actresses with alternating roles. It deserves much more praise.75/100

Private U (ag) wrote: Liked it. No bells, no whistles, not hilarious (although Whoopi is quite witty), not dramatic or anything but a nice movie for thirty-somethings I think.

Boris K (es) wrote: This movie is collection of four (if I recall it correctly) stories, which are formally connected by ramblings of Mr. Hulot and a female tourist from USA through the Paris. A usual for late Tati critical view on progress here is also acompained with a metaphysical view on humanity as a faulty and joyfull flow in the last half of the movie.

Dylan M (kr) wrote: Open Season had good animation but does not please my inner family type movie needs. Its not completely bad but it doesnt have necessarily a wow factor to make me like these types of movies.

Adam R (jp) wrote: Awesome! Jack Black has forever cemented himself as a comedic legend. (First viewing - December 2003 in theaters)

Guido S (ag) wrote: Minka Kelly is off to college and she has a mentally deranged roommate who stalks her and is obsessed with her and tries to protect Kelly in the wrong ways. This movie just isn't that interesting. Instead of having a creepy atmosphere to it, it is just bland. Even the characters are pretty boring. Even the stalking/mental issues are pretty down to earth, instead of full blown psycho to at least make the plot decent. Overall, a pretty bad film.