Below Ground

Below Ground

Dave Dommin documents a demon invasion in his hometown offering shelter to four people. Together they struggle to survive the demonic infestation, all the while fighting amongst themselves.

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Below Ground torrent reviews

Logan M (us) wrote: Honest and personal, but something feels just a bit off.

Jenn T (nl) wrote: Cool concept of torture. Good acting.

Alexandre C (kr) wrote: a voir au moins une fois dans sa vie

Marius T (ca) wrote: Best kung-fu film with fun and love in every scene

laura b (ca) wrote: Not really sure what all the fuss is around this film. Story is quite hard to follow and it's not really that gripping or exciting.

Bailey H (jp) wrote: All movies for teenagers should be like this one. It wasn't glamorous, it wasn't cheesy, and it wasn't under or over acted. The characters are all lovable, even the evil ones. There wasn't a single person in this movie who did a bad job. What I like even more about the movie is that doesn't "Explain" too much about its mystery subplot, but it allows the audience to make guesses and predictions and doesn't reveal any big information until the end. The mystery of the movie keeps you interested until the credits start to roll.

Ben L (fr) wrote: If you want someone to play a grizzled old agent who used to be the best but has lost a step, it's hard to do much better than Clint Eastwood. And if you want a quirky but intelligent man, who proves himself to be a psycopath, there's no one better than John Malkovich. Those two casting decisions really make In the Line of Fire something special. I love their interplay with one another both on the phone and face to face. Some of the supporting cast (like Dylan McDermott) might have been a stretch, but this film is held aloft by the leads. The story is straightforward, a madman plans to assassinate the president and it's up to the Secret Service to stop him. What I found most interesting was the way they inserted a veteran agent who had experience with past assassinations, and then the killer becomes obsessed with that history. It adds some depth and stakes to the film beyond what you'd expect from a movie that explores these familiar tropes. The relationship with Rene Russo was definitely forced, and completely unnecessary. That whole subplot should have been cut out and it would have elevated the movie a lot. Aside from that, my only real complaint about In the Line of Fire is that you can see Eastwood's age in some scenes and it is a bit unbelievable when he gets into a fist fight and dominates. Otherwise, most of this film was a joy to watch as a quality action/thriller, and I would recommend it to fans of the genre.

Bethany F (de) wrote: Sundown is a rare gem, like a lot of the other movies done by Anthony Hickox. The film is different, stylish and funny. The gore/blood is handled in a very good way so as not to make it way too over the top and gross. But it is also done in a way that its not to ridiculous so as if you couldn't take it seriously. The set was very beautifully put together, as was the decisions for location. the costume designs were really top notch. I really enjoyed David Carradine's performance as Count Mardulak. and especially Bruce Campbell's performance as Van Hellsing. If this film had lacked these two actors it probably wouldn't have been as good as it was. Some of the effects were ridiculously old school and cheesy. Like the bats, who had people faces. and the ZZ Top gas station guys were kinda weird. The story is great though, and the film is really well shot. Absolutely wonderful.

Nataushi H (us) wrote: Hear it's a good movie.

F B (mx) wrote: Quite a good film and a bit different than the norm.

Jamaal S (fr) wrote: Must SEE!!!! Black, brown, white and all should go see this truth based satire. I trust especially for non-blacks that there will be hilarious and eye opening things you were probably oblivious too.