Below the Beltway

Below the Beltway

In this political drama spotlighting the brazen intrigues of lobbyists as they pursue their clients' interests in the nation's capital, a former political aide learns that power comes in all shapes and sizes, and that principle is often negotiable.

A film about the behind-the-scenes world of Washington politics. A former staffer that has fallen from grace tries to get back in the political game but realizes "there is life above the beltway." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Below the Beltway torrent reviews

Linda M (au) wrote: En hyffsad film med en bra story. ?ven om jag kan tycka att skdisarna lmnar en del att nska.

Johnny C (us) wrote: I saw this at a film festival and it was really good. Low key horror, made you really think about the value of one life. Or two or three... yet not a gore fest. You have to watch this one to get your own reaction. Everyone who saw it talked about it for days and days, even those who do not normally care for 'horror' found their minds stimulated. You really just have to watch it for yourself.

Alan A (jp) wrote: cool easy going drama....

Rendan L (kr) wrote: Dinner for Shmucks falters in literally every aspect. The only thing that makes sitting through this film bearable is when Steve Carrel is on screen. Grade: D-

Joanne J (mx) wrote: So very bad in so many ways.

Eric L (de) wrote: Funny & entertainng. Poor Richard.

Blake K (ag) wrote: I thought the movie was well thought out and I love the clever twists of the story "lover's vow" and am a big fan of "cat from hell" as it was originally a short story written by Stephen king. Over all considering the time period this was made in and the way they managed this to be scary and funny at the same time I give this movie two big thumbs up.

Gareth D (gb) wrote: One of my favourite films,but I'm not sure if I haven't overrated it.

Beverly P (ru) wrote: This is a great movie/ documentary about bird genius, Robert Stroud. Burt Lancaster is terrific!

Russ B (ca) wrote: 6/11/2016: A pretty decent movie. The cast was very good and the movie was fun and entertaining.

Andrew L (es) wrote: After watching the second part of this film I wondered what the point was as none of the characters seemed to make any progress in their journey. Still this is a great film none the less.

Caitlin L (jp) wrote: Not as funny as I thought it would be. Very disappointing.