Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens

Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens

Based on the original animated series Ben 10. Ben becomes targeted by an evil Mechamorph Warrior, named "Retaliator," who mistakenly blames Ben for something he did not do and attempts to destroy all aliens.

The film tells a story about Ben is ten-year-old and comes back from vacation. Out of the blue, he is stuck in the alien world and it is difficult to return the human's world. Morever, Some cruel alien want to kill him so he must fight to escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Shameem R (gb) wrote: For the hype given about taking tamil cinema to a different level.. please ! u guys ruined yourselves. cud have done better if not for SOO much expectations !

DC F (ru) wrote: I really enjoyed this one as our sadistic meany Rusty Nail got lots more of a role than the previous film. This could really turn into a whole new horror genre called Terror-Trucker! I'd love it!

Gordon C (jp) wrote: Suppose you were having a really bad day, and lots of things were going wrong, with bad consequences for everybody?What if you could go back in time, knowing what would happen, and change it?That's what happens in this film, but sadly, all the things our heroine tries to change only end up making things worse. What are the filmmakers trying to tell us here? That, if you try to change the future, you will inevitably make a pig's breakfast of it? Or is it just that this particular character fails to learn the crucial lesson(s) which would enable her to make everything better.I think it must be the latter. But let's face it, if she made everything better the first time around, it wouldn't be a very interesting movie, would it? Everyone gets off on catastrophe.

jarrad b (it) wrote: while a vehicle mainly for their music a half decent movie. The acting by most of the cast is horrible and the story is elementary but the 80s soundtrack and the music holds it together.

Katie G (de) wrote: it was a cute movie...

Grant S (fr) wrote: Okay...but Coffy was better.A woman's boyfriend is murdered by a drug gang. She, Foxy Brown (played by Pam Grier), then sets out to avenge his death.Interesting and action-packed but, if you've already seen Coffy, the previous Jack Hill-Pam Grier collaboration (Hill being the writer and director), it seems largely second-hand. Very similar main plot to Coffy, with less plausible twists and escapes. Characters are less well developed and there's less engagement. It all just feels like Coffy Lite.However, still entertaining and Pam Grier, as before, puts in a great performance in the lead role.

Eli K (fr) wrote: Superb hidden gem of a movie that takes you along for a very intriguing ride. Matthau is great and the supporting cast all fill this movie perfectly with there characters.

Mike GMan G (jp) wrote: Under-appreciated at the time of its release (despite the star-studded cast and acclaimed director, Warner Bros. obviously was at a loss as to how to market the film and pretty much dumped it into release with little fanfar), this bawdy, offbeat western-comedy/prison film is extremely entertaining. Writers David Newman and Robert Benton follwed up their seminal script for "Bonnie And Clyde" with this story, which has a similar brand of irony and "anti-establishment" sensibility. Kirk Douglas is at his sly, wily best and the supporting charaters are a complimentary hoot.

Mark O (fr) wrote: Bawdy and ourtrageous

Matt H (ru) wrote: Good samurai/horror movie. Good acting, direction.

Justin A (ca) wrote: A few too many musical numbers weigh this one down a little bit, but that doesn't burden Fields' typical hilarity. He's in top form and goes all out. Another great car chase at the end! #35 on list

Alex L (it) wrote: I have the last remaining copy in my basement. I touch the celluloid when no-one is looking!

Artur C (br) wrote: It is silly and things could be a little too obvious (except the ending) but the killer's costume is creepy and there's scene on a frozen lake that was made to be remembered.