Ben & Arthur

Ben & Arthur

A pair of recently married gay men are threatened by one of the partners' brother, a religious fanatic who plots to murder them after being ostracized by his church.

A pair of recently married gay men are threatened by one of the partners' brother, a religious fanatic who plots to murder them after being ostracized by his church. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stellavera K (fr) wrote: Made me jump up out of my seat at the end and clap! How much more info do you need than that? Go see it!

Harina K (au) wrote: The movie is a very classy love story between Meenakshi and Surya. Meenakshi is played by Rani Mukherjee and Prithviraj Sukumaran is Surya in the film. Majority of the film is shot at the J.J School of Arts in Mumbai - There are a lot of very funny scenes in the movie that simply crack you up. The movie has some excellent supporting actors - Nana, Maina, the mother, father, the blind grandma, in-laws. The songs are great especially Mahek Bhi and also the exotic Dravidian dance number - Dreemum Wakepum. Rani and Prithivaraj both act and dance very well. And I totally agree with Meenakshi's comment to Surya: Na shave panikada (you should not shave)The movie reminded me of the old V. Shantaram movie Navrang - where a person prefers to live in a world of fantasy rather than facing reality head-on. The transitions between the fantasy and reality scenes are very subtle at times. For example, I still don't know whether the part where Surya is sitting perched up on a tall pillar like an Indian Greek God is real or Meenakshi's fantasy. The movie has some great comical scenes. It cracked me up sometimes, and on other occasions took me into a world of pure love and fantasy. There are a couple of sexually suggestive scenes in the movie, and may not be suitable for the very conservative folks. The only thing missing in the movie were a few rain scenes. It would have been lovely to have shot some scenes in the monsoon season especially the ones in which Meenakshi is following Surya in a trance-like state in the dark and dingy streets of Mumbai. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Aiiyaa...

Raven M (de) wrote: While not as good as the first one it was a fun and very emotional ride. There were some scenes that actually made me tear up quite abit.

Rodrigo R (ru) wrote: Para rerse de la desgracia

Noah N (es) wrote: An effective franchise redemption that arguably restores the series to it's former glory featuring more fascinating mythological complexion.

John B (fr) wrote: Melissa Leo's breakout role is tremendously good. Her interactions with Lila are fabulous as two individuals thrown together by circumstance.Gritty in a good way.

Zach Z (us) wrote: If Napoleon Dynamite had characters I cared about, and an actual story with some heart, it would be this movie.

Jonathan P (ru) wrote: Director Nick Casavettes does what so many other directors fail to do when making a movie about bad people, make them likable. Alpha Dog is a gritty raw film based on the true story of a young California boy caught in the middle of a drug feud between his brother and a local gang of miscreants. Even though all parties involved are the lowest form of human beings Cassavetes gave each a charisma that through all the horrible acts the viewer was still able to connect making Alpha Dog a movie that is not only enjoyable but on a weird level relatable.

Mikael K (gb) wrote: "Swimming Upstream" is amazingly good considering it's basically just your average spots movie. A misfit who gains social recognition by excelling in a specific physical activity and so on. Jesse Spencer does a really good job in portraying a beliavable young character and Geoffrey Rush has one heck of a presence as always. Really pleasant and emotionally effective if not all that fresh or new.

Sasy N (br) wrote: [10/11] Dieser Film ist leider alles andere als spannend und die Besetzung ist zum Teil aich kaum zu ertragen. Normalerweise mag ich Milla Jovovich wirklich gern, aber hier wirkte sie blass und emotionslos.

Private U (br) wrote: At face value it was a pretty good movie, although quite long (Titanic long!) with some nice twists. When I thought about it though I couldn't help but feel it was really a story about the white man's exploitation of non-whites and the environment, which rather annoyed me. But if you ignore that and just take it at face value, it's a pretty decent movie.

Dave J (us) wrote: Wednesday, June 19, 2013 (1998) Hope Floats DRAMA This is my 2nd viewing of "Hope Floats" and the reason that is even though I don't like the movie is so that I can submit a review here before wiping this bad taste out of my memory. The movie stars Sandra Bullock who was also credited as one of the executive producers, and it was directed by fellow actor Forest Whitaker who starred in "Bird" and "The Crying Game". The simplistic set up has Bullock as "Birdee Pruitt" being humiliated on a live Jerry Springer-like TV talk show program informing by her husband Bill (Michael Pare)that he has been cheating on her with her best friend Connie(Rosanna Arquette) while her 7 year old daughter is sitting on the front row bawling he eyes out. So she first packs up her bags along with her daughter Bernice(Mae Whitman) leaves Chicago into her mom's place in a small town called Smithsville, Texas where she used to grow up, and at this point there's no divorce- just a separation. And while settling at her mom's place, her mom Ramona(Gena Rowlands) coincidently and conveniently tries to set Birdee up with an old school chum, and his name is Justin Matisse (Harry Connick, JR) who coincidently had just left California to move back to Smithville too to voluntarily do some carpentry work for Birdee's mother while her daughter continues to act like a one- note brat. We, the audience know what's going to happen next leaving the question do we really care. As I've said, although I knew I didn't like this film, I had this craving to write something negative about something and it just happens to be the movie "Hope Floats" which is like reading or seeing another bad Nicolas Sparks novel since it's shallow and I'm unable to identify with any of the characters. Which the only conflict I can see throughout the entire film is how can she recover the humiliation after she was humiliated like that on live TV even though there's far more interesting stories to read from newspapers, magazines as well as see from news reporting television. For instance we don't get to know the reason why her mother named the Bullock character "Birdee" in the first place since some of the towns people give her flak for it. We don't know the real reason why the Harry Connick JR decided to come back to Smithville and not to some other city, nor do we even get to see his parents for I guess he instinctively knew his high school crush was going to come back all single again. Or why the Bullock character still works at the photo store and was not fired after breaking a privacy rule regarding some embarrassing pictures, nor know why she was even named prom queen leaving viewers with more questions than the film gives us any answers. The only thing I do know is that Forest Whitaker who's being credited as the director used to play Charlie Parker for Clint Eastwood's other directed movie "The Bird" and perhaps that is why the Bullock's character is called "Birdee" except that it doesn't really tell you that here- not even a tiny hint. Talk about your pieces of crap. Bomb

Grant H (jp) wrote: Terrible movie. To try and find something good about this is like trying to find Waldo in a room full of Santa Clauses: it's practically impossible. This is neither funny, nor scary, nor creepy, nor an interesting twist on the genre. It's utter garbage. The performances are trash, even Murphy, and the idea is an R-Rated rip-off of Blacula set in New York rather than LA. And vampires don't turn into wolves, Wes Craven! Moron!

bill s (mx) wrote: Allen's Rose proves hard work may not get you far but it sure makes for one fun ride.

Michael C (jp) wrote: An excellent snapshot of a true comedic artist at the top of its craft. It's amazing how much genuine acting goes into his comedy; Cosby and Pryor are the comics who were the best at really bringing material to life by acting out the humorous scenarios they were discussing, and it really is baffling how much of a true performance goes into their work. Cosby also deserves tremendous praise for never leaning on tired premises, but instead always having a comedic perspective on personal experiences, the sign of a true stand-up. Ranks among the best of the stand-up concert films.

Federico M (ru) wrote: best film i'v ever seen

B S (fr) wrote: I hope the movie lives up to the books.