Ben's Disappearing Act

Ben's Disappearing Act


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1987
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  • Category:General
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  • Country:USA
  • Director:N/A
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Ben's Disappearing Act torrent reviews

Gary B (br) wrote: Directly continues from the second but things just get worse. Allot of what the hell moments.

Lisa S (jp) wrote: looks awesome!!! plus its about my fav sport: soccer!!!

Scott A (ru) wrote: Finally got around to see the final CROW film and I really wished I hadn't. There really isn't much I can say good about this. Bad acting from everyone involved, and with Macy Gray in the cast, who could have seen that coming???I did think Boreanaz was a great slimeball, but too over the top, and Tara Reid was so damn fine in this film. Her 'rough' side must have started shortly after this was filmed maybe?The love story angle is a joke in this one as we really don't get to know Emmanuelle Chriqui much and the stuff we do, it feels fake.The film looks very very very cheap as well. How the sequels to such a fantastic original film got so bad, so fast, is beyond me.

Vera H (nl) wrote: An interesting idea, basing a screenplay off a letter, but the creative team behind this film executed it without mastery. The story was sometimes haphazard and hard to follow, and the boom mic was in more shots than any professional film should ever accept (I counted at least 6). Thomas Jane seemed miscast to play a 19-year-old, although he did well enough in the role. The visually captivating cinematography and editing are what saved this movie.

Ilsa L (ag) wrote: Very disappointing. I would much rather watch Woody in his own films. The humour in this dissipated quickly and the movie became somewhat tedious to watch.

Connor B (fr) wrote: Incredibly disappointing venture for what seemed to be a fun romp between aliens and medieval knights.

Jo Y (fr) wrote: don't want to watch anything Like this.

Lexie1912 (kr) wrote: another one of my "closet classics"

Catherine N (kr) wrote: Gorgeous, romantic, film noire of the grittier side of Les Havres in Marcel Carne's moody film. Jean Gabin is perfectly cast as the AWOL soldier hardened by circumstances yet moved by the orphaned, beautiful Nelly with whom he falls in love and sacrifices all.

Mackenie S (de) wrote: I was not very impressed with this film. I found the acting phoony and overdone. Even Fredrick March was overdoing it. However, Olivia de Havilland was very pretty.