Bending the Rules

Bending the Rules

Detective Nick Blades is a New Orleans cop on trial for corruption. Assistant District Attorney Theo Gold is the man in charge of putting him behind bars. When these two unlikely partners from opposite sides of the law stumble onto a criminal plot, they’ll need to rely on luck – and patience – to take down a dangerous killer without killing each other first.

Nick Blades is a cop on trial for corruption while district attorney Theo Gold is in charge of putting him behind bars. Two men from opposite sides should have fought each other, but when they discover a vicious crime, the men have no other choice but team up and prevent it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brittany R (it) wrote: I tried, but I just couldn't get myself to care. Maybe the play is better?

isaac b (br) wrote: great whats wrong with the critics they must not know how to rate these sort of things

Tyler L (au) wrote: It wasn't till about 45 min into the movie that I realized what our coming of age hero really and truly wanted. Good jokes and themes that anyone who has ever had a crazy art teacher (which most art teachers are..just a little) can relate to. Eccentric characters keep the movie entertaining.

President P (ca) wrote: Although it can be confusing and dry, Hidalgo is so strange it's actually worth a watch. The story is pretty interesting a nice twist for a western, but the writing, direction, and acting don't help its cause. While Hidalgo has nice action and looks the part, it can't really overcome its many flaws. Nevertheless, its barley fresh, but I think can be enjoyable; just don't expect much.

John S (fr) wrote: Temptress Moon is nice to look at but I found the plot and characters difficult to follow. Reading some of the contemporary reviews, I find I wasn't the only one. Oh, there may be an allegory mixed up somewhere in this story too but that was lost on me as well.

Riwana S (au) wrote: Great guts, great twist!!!

Daniel L (it) wrote: "How sweet. Fresh meat"Usually, in horror franchises the fourth film usually sucks, however nightmare 4 is actually pretty good, its not the best but its pretty good. Where the film succeeds is that it knows what it wants to be and stick with it. The film may not be that scary, but it sure as hell is fun and entertaining. The actors did a fun job with their roles, Engulnd once still steals the show as Freddy, he still brings the charm and humor that he's known for and he's just so much fun to watch. The only thing I didn't understand was that patricia arquette didn't return as her character and was replaced with another actress but she did a good job. The dream sequences are just ridiculous, their crazy, but I still have to say that they were enjoyable. Its decently written, one of the things I like about this series is that they leave the humor to Freddy and the serious parts to the kids and it works really well. The problem with the movie is that it can go way over the top, the most over the top part is when one of the kids is when a Japanese house using karate to beat up Freddy, wow. But aside from that, Freddy's revenge is an enjoyable film that knows what it wants to be, I'll give it a 7.4/10

Clayton J (ag) wrote: This is a classic comedy film everyone is bound to love. The actors fulfill their roles perfectly and in a very humorous manner. Always a favorite.

Anuj S (us) wrote: An eye opener An incredible story by Imtiaz Ali and supreme performances by Ranbir and Deepika The revaltion was actually Ranbir

Victor C (us) wrote: I can't believe I watch this movie... You would know an alright movie with an awful one with just the title sequence and sadly to say, its an awful movie. I would give them some credit for trying and for vfx creation but I can't help but laugh at how bad is it....