Six high school seniors celebrating with day's excursion find themselves on rowboat attacked by man-eating fish and must decide who must be sacrificed as they fight their way back to shore.

A crew of coal miners becomes trapped 600 feet below ground after a disastrous collapse. As the air grows more toxic and time runs out, they slowly descend into madness and begin to turn on one another. Inspired by true events. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Beneath torrent reviews

AJ G (au) wrote: Incredible. My favorite movie of the series.

Donna J (kr) wrote: Sweet movie, lots going on

Sean C (au) wrote: This is pretty much an Austrian version of I Know What You Did Last Summer. There are moments when it goes along okay, but it's predictable and totally undone, for me, because the version I saw was overdubbed. That will kill any kind naturalistic dialogue or tone that the writer was going for. I also hated how the characters at the beginning kept singing along to all their favourite songs.

Seth S (mx) wrote: Technically and story-wise better than Mask of Light, but Legends of Metru Nui lacks the fun and "classicness" to make it my favorite. This one is much more serious in tone, and it makes for a more compelling story. The story is a prequel to Mask of Light. It focuses on six Matoran who are given the responsibility of being Toa. They must figure out how to use their powers, and save their city from an enemy that they don't know. Toa Vakama is the main character, and this really is a coming-of-age story for him. Once again, the movie has that more serious/spiritual aspect that makes it different from all other direct-to-DVD movies. You don't see stories like this in kids movies. The animation in Mask of Light was decent, but could use improvement. Well, in Legends of Metru Nui they did improve it, a lot. It seems that all animated movies are either about stylized kids, or talking animals. Bionicle is nothing like that, with our hero being robotic human-like creatures. So the animation doesn't really have to follow any pattern from actual life. This makes for some phenomenal visuals. The story is great. Our main character is round. The visuals are really incredible for this kind of movie. Nathan Furst's music is, once again, amazing. But like the first, this movie is not for the uninitiated, but Bionicle fans are initiated. This is probably the best example of what a Bionicle movie should be. "And so it was, as it is. Matoran into Toa. Toa into Turaga. Turaga into Legend. Remembering deeds past, and bringing hope to the future. United in Duty. Bound in Destiny. This is the way...of The Bionicle." 9/10

Giancarlo G (ca) wrote: dignitoso e non di pi.

Nancy N (it) wrote: Insolite, intrigant! Du bon Qubcois!

Patrick C (de) wrote: Was this a kids show?

Mireya S (us) wrote: SO boring. I couldn't get through it.

shashank b (ru) wrote: No matter who views it , there not a single heart that Anand wont touch! He makes your heart melt and eyes watery! He teaches you about life and love like no other character!

Benjamin H (nl) wrote: Quite possibly the most realistic depiction of war in cinematic history, with an unparalleled attention to detail and high production value. The insights it provides into insurgency and terrorism also add to its importance as a film.

Greg W (fr) wrote: so so historical pic the last of director clarence brown