Beneath Still Waters

Beneath Still Waters

Studying under a disciple of Aleister Crowley, the leader of an upper class group invokes a supernatural force that slowly devours the village of Marienbad and its inhabitants, threatening to spread beyond its geographical limits. The mayor from the town nearby commissions the building of a dam which would flood the valley and therefore submerge the village forever sealing the evil force under water after leader and his followers were incapacitated to be kept from escaping. However, fate ensured the leader's freedom as he remained in the depths when the waters covered Marienbad. Now 40 years later an array of disappearances and deaths in mysterious circumstances are threatening the town next to the reservoir that now covers Marienbad.

In 1965, in Northern Spain, a dam will be built to bring progress to the location of Desbaria and the town of Marienbad is near to be completely flooded. Two boys, Teo and Luis, cross the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pock P (fr) wrote: Same old tricks in a new setting. It is still mildly successful although the third time is not actually a charm. The 2 leads are pleasing to the eyes though. Not bad but not really good neither...

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Mary M (fr) wrote: After a three hour nap on New Year's afternoon, we watched this documentary that evening. We learned some things about this radical, revolutionary group & about the times. Why had I not even heard of Fred Hampton? It was interesting to see how many of the places featured (San Quentin, the San Francisco Ferry Building & the houseboats at Sausalito) are w/in 20 miles of us.

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