An aspiring writer returns to his home-town, re-unites with his estranged father and child-hood sweetheart. Babruahana returns home to Bangalore from France and hopes to author a book. He goes to meet gorgeous Radha, a school-friend, on whom he always had a crush. Both meet and continue meeting, and Babruahana hopes to propose to her soon. He then sets about to meet his favorite author, Ramana, as well as his estranged love, Vanamala. He does not look forward to meeting his widowed father, but does so, and finds him re-married to Madhu. He will also find that a six-lane highway is about to be built around his ancestral home, which may be demolished. He also catches up with his friend, Siddharth, who has become a much-revered Sanyasi. As he struggles to adapt to the changes - nothing will prepare him for the shocks that await him

An aspiring writer returns to his home-town, re-unites with his estranged father and child-hood sweetheart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Pramila S (ca) wrote: vryy good movie.......wuld def say best movie in 2011....kudos to radha mohan , nagarjuna, prakash raj....nagarjuna ws really awesom as NSG commando

Amanda H (ru) wrote: I sat through 15 minutes of this and saw nothing but a bunch of people whining. It made me hate Ben Stiller more than I already did. Don't waste your time.

Tim M (ag) wrote: Very interesting, like a dip into the future

Rich B (it) wrote: Cut Sleeve Boys (2007): "When I die, I want glitter balls, go-go boys, and all my past shags present." - Mel Two British-Chinese gay friends (sweet Ash and calous Mel) are rudely introduced to their own mortality when a closeted friend suddenly dies. Booted from complacency, they immediately begin the search for their dream man. Of course, a search for a dream anything begins and ends with yourself. It's gay humor, but the message is universal. A good film to show on a Monday movie night at the gay bar. Rest assured, it will go in one ear, and out the other.

Sachin S (jp) wrote: Strong plot and brilliant performances, light entertainment for a complex generation.

Neih L (es) wrote: Una gran combinacion de Amor, Accion y Humor es lo que hace a esta pelicula una de mis favoritas

Ester M (gb) wrote: makes ghana look like a damn good place by any standards.

Elena Z (ag) wrote: i liked the common-life atmosphere of this movie and Paris :)

Sherry R (kr) wrote: The movie is just as bizarre as the minds of these two killers

Crystal S (ag) wrote: I watched this movie a LOT as a kid, and loved it.

jay n (ag) wrote: Three outstanding performances highlight this gritty drama.

Christopher B (es) wrote: Wow masterpiece. I would say every Hitchcock film is my favorite.

Tom S (ag) wrote: One of my favorite films ever. Great scenery (Colorado), great music (Nat King Cole), and funny as all get out (Lee Marvin surprised everybody with his sidesplitting drunk and his even funnier horse), plus Jane Fonda at her hubba-hubba cutest. A 60's classic...