Benim Dünyam

Benim Dünyam

At 2 Ela lost her ability of seeing and hearing because of a severe illness. And then she became a total disappointment of her family due to her untamed behaviors. But everything changed ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   ball,   mission,  

At 2 Ela lost her ability of seeing and hearing because of a severe illness. And then she became a total disappointment of her family due to her untamed behaviors. But everything changed ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Linda N (kr) wrote: Sweet. Heartwarming. Enjoyed the pace and the edits and the simplicity of the costumes and hair styles.

Timothy B (jp) wrote: I swear this man should not be allowed to make any more movies. Honestly, this may have been the worst movie I have ever seen. I'm damned close to being ashamed, even here, to admit that I have even seen it. No wonder it went straight to beer coaster....uh...I mean, DVD.

Mattias E (it) wrote: Despite the title's claim to realism, A True Mob Story appears to be woven from the same fabric as trillions of other entries in the triad genre, but it does however present some real and quite memorable characters and situations, proving Wong Jing occassionally being able to produce engaging and well developed drama when not rushing things too badly. There's a certain maturity to Andy Lau's character seldom found in the generic structure of the gangland tale, and for once (with the exception of an odd Wah Dee moment or two) Lau himself is allowed to act as an adult, liberating himself from the restraints of his seemingly perpetual James Dean complex along with the fake Ray Bans. In true Wong Jing fashion, A True Mob Story also includes some ill-placed sensationalistic characters and not a little bit of cheap exploitation, but in the end, no bad taste can touch this terrific movie.

kkl10 a (jp) wrote: Kagemusha (1980) - 7,5 In the Sengoku period of Japan, Takeda Shingen, notable warlord and leader of the Takeda clan, is fatally injured in the battlefield, dying a few days later. Just before his death, the leader reunites with the hard core of the clan and whims that the news of the tragedy remain in secrecy from everything and everyone, even from all other soldiers and employees of his clan, for at least 3 years. They resort to a double of Shingen, a thief, to forge the illusion that the leader is still among them. To impersonate the great warrior is the mission at hand for the thief, a man spared from crucifixion and whose real identity is never known. With such honorable burden as the sole purpose of his life the thief will be carried away by the role and, eventually, share the same tragic fate as the great leader himself, even when it is not required from him anymore. He becomes the shadow of the warrior. Fine work from actor Tatsuya Nakadai in this heartbreaking film where Akira Kurosawa casts a sensitive look at the interplay of impersonation, identity, status and loyalty. Sober and clean cinematic style with fits of grandiosity in the battle scenes following the trend of the late 70s and 80s to impart an epic tone to warfare. This latter aspect is, ultimately, the source of my problem with this movie - it was all going well until the last 20 minutes or so, where the massacre in the battle of Nagashino drags way too much... what for, I ask? I suppose Kurosawa was trying to convey a tangible sense of epicness here, but he ought to know when enough is enough. It harmed the pace of the movie and distracted me very much, some significant editing work would do wonders, in my opinion. It just didn't seem like a wise effort at all, oh well, I guess the Japanese director was rehearsing for what he would do latter in "Ran". I also wish the soundtrack had less Western influenced Classical music and more proper Japanese, it would be more fitting I think. If not for this my overall experience would be much better, but "Kagemusha" is still a beautiful film worth to see, it has moments of great emotional power, nice humour and some scenes are simply perfect and cast great enchantment on us. This is also a must watch for those who crave for Japanese Classical theater, particularly the Noh (aka Ngaku) form, I can't get enough of it, love it! Recommended!

Alex F (fr) wrote: A crime drama. Good enough to watch especially if you like Bogart and George Raft.

Joseph S (mx) wrote: Have it checked out but when will I find the time to watch it??

Letcia M (kr) wrote: While such great and inventive films were being made in Europe (Caligari, Korkarlen, Dr Mabuse, Nosferatu), D. W. Griffith got stuck in the same formula, which does not make an enjoyable viewing experience for a modern day audience. Nevertheless, for great cinema lovers, the movie offers great acting and compeling storytelling filled with romance, drama, violence and politics.

Sanford R (mx) wrote: Probably the worst Joe Pesci movie of the ones I've seen, but somewhat entertaining. An average comedy at best though

Eeddine J (es) wrote: an interesting perspective about the effect of love as a form of possession in relation to the approved and unapproved...

Eric R (jp) wrote: I know what I'm about to tell you will sound like something fabricated in the deepest part of my sick, twisted mind. Nevertheless, tis truth I speak. In the summer of 1998 I was swimming on the beach as a 12 year old man-child. My body a mishmash cluster f#ck of half man parts and half still boy parts. I decided to take a dip in the cool Pacific Ocean when I was stopped dead in my tracks. A shark, no more than 10 feet from me and equal to that in length eyed my young firm body as its next meal. The gods were on my side that day, the shark turned and darted back into the depths from which is came. Since that day I have both feared and respected sharks. So the idea of having a shark with three heads terrified me. The only reason that I didn't give it 4.5 stars is because I don't believe in perfection. That is reserved for the man who walked in Galilee.