Benji The Hunted

Benji The Hunted

Benji has become stranded on a remote island after a boating accident. He finds himself struggling to survive in the wilderness, avoiding close encounters with a wolf, a bear, and a territorial female cougar with her cub.

Benji is separated from his owner due to a boat accident. The love-able dog gets lost in a remote area of Oregon, struggling to survive in the wilderness. When he finds four orphaned cougar kittens whose mother was shot by a hunter, Benji helps bringing them into the care of another mother cougar, while managing to avoid a black timber wolf. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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O S (it) wrote: I don't know what this movie is about, it was to wired. It wasn't funnyIt wasn't action. Just wired.

Bryan A (ag) wrote: I really don't get the negative reviews on this movie. The Postman is my favorite movie of all time. You need to watch this movie.

Anita G (us) wrote: I loved all the books in this series. I can only hope the movie(s) are as good.

Ken T (de) wrote: This being the third installment of the original and very good movie...Doesn't quite make the grade. Amanda is cute, but even she couldn't do the movie all by herself. I thought it flat and kinda' boring with a lot of borrowing from other movies (i.e., Hackers, Enemy of the State, and so on). Avoid this one unless you need a remedy for lack of sleep...Snooze fest here

Dalles W (ag) wrote: I LOVE this film. I can watch it over and over and just marvel at the look of the film. The story is simple, but still interesting. The Villain, Snatcher, is one of my favorite designs from Laika's team. I hope that Laika never stops making their films. Everyone is is so filled with heart and artistry.

Nathan L (fr) wrote: A passable little family dramedy with a good cast but it lacks emotional depth and spends too little time on its characters. Michael Caine, the best part of the film, doesn't get nearly as much screen time as he should have.

Joseph O (kr) wrote: Ooooh. Watched this one recently. Liked it when I was eight, sure, but it's sub-par. It's clumsy, awkward and there's stuff in there that simply shouldn't be in a kid's movie. Could've gotten by without having every character voiced by some renowned celebrity in some way. Martin Scorsese as the blowfish? Whose idea was that???

Ed C (ag) wrote: One sentence summary: It was not good, it was not bad, it was as interesting as porridge.-------- Erin's boyfriend (Sean) has dumped her. I see why immediately. Why she would ever do anything with Sean is not so easy to see. The film is irritating and all too self-aware; incidental music is all too often wretched. Halloween at the hospital; nursing staff scares the hell out of the toddlers. Erin's mother Piper places a personal ad for Erin in the local newspaper without advising Erin. Sub-plot: the aquarium where Alan is working is planning an addition. Not everyone likes this, and the aquarium grounds are vandalized. Arty Lesser and his construction company want to build a prison there. At an aquarium party, Frank asks Alan to kill one of the aquarium attractions and Alan's money loan from Frank will have the interest removed. The ad does it's work; Erin gets 60 messages on the first time she checks. Yikes, so many people, so many losers, at least in their telephone presentations of themselves. She skips most of these, and the skips most of those that she meets. The men she meets are unacceptable for one reason or another. The Emerson quote (a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds) was a deal-breaker for three of the possibles, one of which was Alan's brother. She notices that two men watching her with a third were men she had met before. 'The only person who can help you is yourself.' Right. Women do not need men. Point asserted again and again and again. Seventy-eight minutes into the film, she still has not met Alan, but a Brazilian man (Andre) is very interested in her. Erin likes Brazil and Brazilian music, so that goes smoothly for a time. Alan is with Julie; this is doomed from the start. Alan with Julie heats up for a moment; so does Erin with Andre. Sean comes back and wants to re-unite with Erin. No such luck. Andre is about to go back to Brazil, and wants Erin to come with. She gears up to do this. Alan gets to meet Arty Lesser, who tells Alan that he is at a turning point in his life. Erin gets held up in traffic. She tries to make it using a train. More rotten camera work. Missed connections. Erin does not go to Brazil. Alan does not solidify his position with the big-time gangster Lesser. During the last two minutes, Erin and Alan connect on the Emerson quote, and go for a walk on the beach.-----Scores----- Cinematography: 4/10 Never in focus. The poor framing and wobbly camera movement is distracting and counterproductive as well as amateurish. Sound: 7/10 Some of the jazz by named artists is rather good, but does not really add much. Acting: 4/10 Hope Davis is uniformly bad; the extra layer of chain smoking was a layer I could have done without. Holland Taylor was fine, Alan Gelfant was OK. Hoffman was as irritating as usual. Just about nothing seems to have enough buoyancy to counterbalance the dead weight of Hope Davis. Screenplay: 6/10 Slow developing. Is the payoff worth the long wait? No. So many sub-plots were left unresolved. The Brazilian trip goes down the tubes. Too many characters, too many dangling ends.

Christelle J (de) wrote: He's from Nuneaton you know.hurrah for Ken Loach. I miss the BBC's gritty dramas. These days it's f'ing Cranford.

Peter P (br) wrote: A good performance from Jeff Bridges can only carry a movie so far, and then a good script helps, sadly this was lacking the later, so it is only an ok movie.

Simon L (mx) wrote: A VERY unusual Sci Fi/horror flick from Japan. While it's '60s origin gives it a bit of a campy look, there is NOTHING silly about this moody, occasionally surreal, and often psychological film. Worth tracking down.

Al M (kr) wrote: Maybe I've watched too many giant monster movies lately and that's why I couldn't get into this one very well. Still it is a well made film with a giant octopus attacking San Francisco. Will most likely be enjoyed by fans of the genre.

Mike S (au) wrote: Classic movie, it will always be a classic. Only reason it doesn't get past 3 stars is because I thought Vaughn was way too passive, and this should have been the one movie to go bananas in. He really disappointed me here. Ben Stiller really made the movie come full circle.

Joel C (it) wrote: Don't believe the hype this movie is not scary, interesting or even entertaining, it's just plain boring and none of the movie even makes any sense, so avoid this piece of shit at all costs!!!

Phil H (mx) wrote: Not a bad concept from Mr Pyun this time, a crime boss gets all his enemies in one place and holds a competition to win 10million. Thing is the competition is an outright killing match between everyone with no rules accept survive anyway you can. This of course equals a mass of gun fighting and violence as baddies scramble to win and survive. Could of been totally cool but Pyun has gone down the light-hearted route and added a silly soundtrack of upbeat tunes along with a black/gallows type humour. I like the idea of gallows humour but I just feel this could of been much better as an out n out serious hard action flick. Still its pretty good, has a few of Pyun's regular cast favourites and the always annoying mistake that a lot of action flicks suffer. A seemingly never ending stream of useless cannon fodder henchmen which always leads you to ask yourself...where did they all come from?, why are they such mindless sheep? and why are they all so ineffective?!.

Isaac T (ca) wrote: Good 90's Sci-Fi Movie

Maximilian M (ru) wrote: Not going to fill you with sunshine and rainbows. But you will fill your pants if you don't like gore.

Alec B (de) wrote: The plot comes together in a fashion that's a bit too neat and tidy for my taste and Cage's performance is kinda dull, but its still a solid blend of the neo-noir and western genres. I also like that as the plot progresses things get worse for the central character each time he makes the "moral" decision.