Bennie Brat

Bennie Brat

Fisherman’s son Benjamin - Bennie - Stout is a boy with a heart of gold who always gets himself into trouble. His St. Nicholas wish list includes a pedal car, just like the one the sneaky mayor’s son Roderick has. These are the depression years in the 1930s and because the haul falls short, his father stays in Spain a little longer to earn some extra money. Bennie now only has one wish left: that his father will come home. If need be, he will go and get him from Spain himself. He catches Roderick erasing his name from the Bad Children list in St. Nicholas’ Great Book when an idea occurs to him. He quickly adds his name to the list, which lands him a place in St. Nicholas’ bag. But the saint does not understand that Bennie doesn’t mind going to Spain.

De avonturen familiefilm BENNIE STOUT speelt zich af in de jaren 30. Benjamin Bennie Stout doet zijn naam eer aan... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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