A back to back treatment of a malaise which has shocked Philippine society for the past so many years: the mysterious disappearances and killings of Filipino journalists and activists. The film focuses on a hard-hitting radio commentator and his conflict with a former classmate who is a suburban town mayor. The radioman’s story runs parallel to the tale of a student-activist on the run with his activist-girlfriend. These parallel stories are interwoven with a third story, that of the former military man , now their would-be assassin. This killer’s unexpected obsession with his wife leads to a climax of murder and mayhem.

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Erika M (kr) wrote: Aunque muchos consideraron esta pelcula como un retrato nefasto de Violeta, me pareci una representacin muy justa de quien fue Violeta. Las escenas de la pelcula estn llenas de simbolismos ricos que permiten muchas interpretaciones sobre la vida emocional de la artista y de su valenta de vivir y sentir hasta las ms profundas consecuencias. Me encanto ver cuan fecunda era Violeta, la vastedad de su capacidad creadora, y me gust an ms que retrataran con igual mpetu tanto su algaraba como su profundo dolor, aunque no sea placentero presenciarlo. De camino a tocar con su hermana en el desierto, Violeta ensayaba una cancin melanclica, cuando su hermana le pide que toque algo ms alegre, que la gente no quiere escuchar esas melodas tan lgubres, a lo cual Violeta responde "Que las escuchen no ms, que la vida no es una fiesta".

Bobby L (it) wrote: It has George Takei and is about his star pupils whom are three 19 year-old girls going to community college (they are on a cheer squad there) and work as go-go dancers to pay for going to Brown University. An evil mobster just released wants "his" club back, being the go-go club, which Takei also runs. Takei is kidnapped by the mobster the ninjas must save him. It's silly and poinltess, but a lot of effing fun. If I owned this on DVD it would so be part of the bad movie marathon (more about that in a few days).

Dyron W (br) wrote: One of the best stoner comedies made.

Michael W (ca) wrote: Obscure Canadian production from established Director Paul Lynch has former surveillance expert 'hired' to monitor tenant of his fleabag motel. What emerges is a murder plot which is intertwined with his initial target. Good film hurt by rather abrupt conclusion but helped by Harvey Keitel's dominant lead; also great to see Paul Bradley once again.

Ed B (es) wrote: Okay I actually own this DVD and the reason for purchasing it had more to to with the fact that this movie was played at the Paradise Garage in the theatre inside of the club. I recall catching glimpses of the movie while making my way to the roof garden and the punk bowl. The movie is actually funny and even funnier when under the influence of psychothropics.

Timothy P (nl) wrote: Good Forrest Gump effects. Stupid plot.

Angie A (it) wrote: An enjoyable film throughout start to finish. It's a film for all ages and one no doubt given a chance everyone will love. It's one of my favorite films from my youth and one i got my little sister to love just as much, in fact i do believe she stole my tape of this and never gave it back!