Benur - Un gladiatore in affitto

Benur - Un gladiatore in affitto


Italian comedy about casual work . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ed C (ag) wrote: One line summary: Found footage death elimination derby; camera quality better than some other found footage disasters.--------------------- The Robertson County Sheriff's Department (in TN, I think, rather than TX or KY) has a short segment where they say they found some footage from the cell phones and video cameras on or near the Sawyer families corpses. So, we are locked into 'found footage.' Later on in the film the cops called to find Dana Sawyer refers to himself as from Adams County PD. Brandon gets a video camera as a birthday gift. He starts annoying everyone immediately. He records some poltergeist activity in empty rooms, but never seems to notice this. He records a whole lot of other things that get ignored. The daughter has terrifying dreams. The lights flicker; the electrician they call gets electrocuted on an outside junction box. The son and his friend find some history of the county which includes the Bell Witch. As it turns out, the house and grounds intersect with the land owned by the Bell Witch. As time wears on, the family dies except for one.--------Scores------ Cinematography: 4/10 The usual mix: anything from shaky cam plus bad everything all the way to full-lit, beautifully framed and focused. The long intervals of static shots of empty rooms were not a plus. Sound: 4/10 Varies, just like the visuals. Some of it is really poor, where words are hard to figure out. Acting: 2/10 More or less at reality-TV level. The exorcism scene just sucked rocks in terms of acting. Screenplay: 2/10 Nothing new. Perhaps 10 minutes of content stretched over 90 minutes of bad visuals and iffy sound.

Michael D (ru) wrote: Believable story and good screenplay. This one's a limited release but definitely worth a shot.

Joel A (us) wrote: A clever Jim Jarmusch film that is centred around Coffee & Cigarettes.All the short segments are clever & filled with clever dialogue. Each segment is fresh & filled with flair.The sequence at the end is quite likeable & surprisingly touching...

Darren O (mx) wrote: A twilight zone episode at best? Felt like an extended short film. Needed a lot more.

Alex W (jp) wrote: I actually really enjoyed this flick. It's nowhere near as miserable and depressing as everybody makes it out to be. Ok, the main plot point of the assault by the 2 brothers and their f*cked up father was very disturbing, but without giving anything away, it ended on a real high note, and afterwards I felt somewhat uplifted. It was good to see the usual Kevin Smith regulars (Mewes, Flanagan, Johnson & Mosier) and there's a ton of easter eggs hidden in the flick for View Askew fans. Will probably buy this.

Laurie C (ru) wrote: I first came to love Peter Gallagher in this movie, it really tugs at the heart strings.

Noel K (kr) wrote: Classic Edward G Robinson with Humphrey Bogart playing second fiddle.